Remote Learning Access

For U.S.-based administrators only. Please see requirements below.

Support students with a reading assistant powered by AI

During this uncertain time, we want to help educators and families continue to build early readers’ skills, even while they’re away from the classroom. That’s why we are offering use of Amira Practice, a personalized reading assistant for Grades K–3, at no charge.

Amira Practice, powered by Artificial Intelligence, provides 1:1 reading practice and coaching to K-3 students who already have foundational reading skills. Amira listens to students read out loud and provides real-time feedback. This digital program helps create motivated and masterful readers by delivering personalized tutoring backed by reading science.

Use of Amira Practice is appropriate for young readers (K-3) with foundational reading skills. This offer is not appropriate for students who are pre-readers.

Access at a Glance

Who can request access?

U.S.-based Building and District Level Administrators and Coordinators with a minimum of 10 students can request access.

What technology is needed?

Students and teachers will need access to Chromebooks, iPads, or PCs and the internet. Mobile phones and Kindles are not supported.

What support is available?

Getting started videos and additional support documents are provided for teachers and parents. You will also have access to the HMH Tech Support Team, an Amira Learning parent support site, live chat, and getting started webinars.

Administrators, get access to Amira Practice for your teachers and students through July 1.