What Does Integrating Science in the NGSS Look Like?

53:13 Minutes

NGSS demands a shift in how we teach. We are challenged to integrate engineering into the science classroom to help our students see the interconnectedness of the science disciplines themselves, and to allow them to be the scientists and engineers.  While we want this to be true of our own classrooms, we need examples of what this actually looks like. This webinar will explore practical ways of integrating engineering and science; connecting Earth and space science topics into biology, chemistry, and physics; and demonstrating how we can shift our instruction so that our students are the true scientist and engineers. 

About the Presenters: Jeffrey Rylander is a veteran physics teacher and the Instructional Supervisor of the Science Department at Glenbrook South High School. Rylander has been actively involved with numerous STEM-related initiatives both in his role as Physics Teacher and Instructional Supervisor. Such initiatives include the development of the STEM Learning Community at Glenbrook South High School, establishing Summer Science and Engineering Camps, and consulting with districts in their implementation of NGSS. Rylander has given presentations on science instruction at several national conferences and has published numerous articles on physics education.