Using the Core-Selective Evaluation Process (C-SEP) with the WJ IV: A Comprehensive & Efficient PSW Approach

62 Minutes

Join Dr. Tammy Stephens-Pisecco and Dr. Edward K. Schultz, authors of the Core-Selective Evaluation Process (C-SEP), for an in-depth introduction to the use of the C-SEP approach with RTI, PSW, and discrepancy approaches. Learn how to use the core tests from the WJ IV Cognitive, Achievement, and Oral Language batteries while utilizing the C-SEP as the foundation of an evaluation to identify patterns of strengths and weaknesses and guide the need for more selective testing. This professional development opportunity will demonstrate how C-SEP comprehensively measures the salient features of SLD, through the triangulation of formal and informal data and professional judgment, in a more efficient, focused, and diagnostically sound manner.