Using Precise Leveling and Benchmarking for Reading Growth

51:04 Minutes

What are the most effective guided reading strategies to help students stretch their reading skills? Why is it important to test students using both narrative and nonfiction content? Find out from Brendan Bolton, who will also detail the history of the Reading Recovery movement—and how precise leveling criteria of leveled readers propels students from striving to thriving!  

Brendan Bolton has worked in education as a teacher, consultant, author and publisher for over 30 years. His teaching experience included generalist primary teaching in Australia and the UK and English language teaching and consulting in Brunei Darussalam. His publishing career has involved writing literacy books for Australian students, an English text book series for Bruneian students, and scoping and commissioning print and electronic resources for English. For the past 13 years Brendan has led the development of the PM literacy series.