Turning Growth Mindset Belief into Growth Mindset Action

58:13 Minutes

Having a growth mindset means understanding that with effort, learning can grow and everyone can be successful. But how do you turn a belief in growth mindset into actionable steps that translate into growth in student achievement? Join author and industry thought leader Dr. David Dockterman as he discusses how to connect the idea of growth mindset with student learning behaviors, perseverance, and social-emotional learning.

Dr. David Dockterman is a Lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education where he supports turning research into effective, innovative practice. He has guided the development of award-winning software programs and works with school districts to infuse the underlying research from the learning sciences to foster productive struggle and growth mindset among students, teachers, and institutional leaders. Dr. Dockterman is also a judge for the Global Learning XPRIZE and an Editorial Board Member for the journal Science of Learning.