The Five Big Research-based Ideas That Will Have a Positive Impact on Literacy Outcomes

45:37 Minutes

Leaders and Teachers, K–12

What are the top strategies that you can implement today to improve literacy for all learners? In this webinar, HMH® Chief Research Officer Francie Alexander reveals five areas of focus that will improve literacy outcomes. Join her in a conversation where she shares the latest research and ideas. Here's a sneak peek of what you can expect to answer – what's your "readia" strategy?

Meet the Speaker­ 

Francie Alexander is an industry leader in the fields of Early Childhood Education, Literacy, and Intensive Intervention for striving reading and math students. Francie provides inspirational and informative leadership on topics from early and adolescent learning to brain development and its influence on childhood and teenage learning. She works closely with key school districts across the U.S. in order to lead HMH's efficacy efforts.


Francie Alexander shares a classroom poster to help you define and display the ABCs of social-emotional learning, from Agency to Zest.