Setting the Stage for Acceleration in Mathematics with Your Core Programs

38:52 Minutes

Join Dr. Jan Scott, National Math Consultant, for an informative session on how to develop numberical understanding and reasoning.

Learn how the Do The Math® curriculum supports math differentiation strategies for supporting students in your core classroom. Our presenter will walk you through the program, spotlight tips for developing numerical understanding and reasoning, and explore how Do The Math supports the big ideas so that students can better solve problems and catch up on grade-level content.

Dr. Jan Scott is the National Math Consultant for the Intervention Solutions Group of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. She has 30 years of teaching mathematics in grades 6-12 and in graduate and undergraduate mathematics courses. Dr. Scott has been recognized with numerous teaching awards for making mathematics come alive. She has published articles, co-written a supplemental math text book for fifth-grade teachers, developed chapters for an online high school geometry course, and regularly speaks at state, regional and national mathematics conferences. She makes her home in Fort Worth with her husband of 33 years.