Relationships for Learning in the Connected Classroom: Cultivating Relationships for Improved Student Outcomes in the New Classroom

When it comes to improving student learning outcomes, the quality of the relationships between students and teachers matters. A lot. Strong, positive student-teacher relationships play a significant role in boosting academic achievement and helping learners succeed both in and out of the classroom. Simply put, students who have positive, supportive relationships with their teachers attain higher levels of achievement than their peers with more dysfunctional relationships.

Although it's not possible to replicate the exact conditions of a traditional classroom when teaching virtually, teachers can continue cultivating strong, positive relationships with students at a distance. Looking to further develop your practice of building positive student-teacher relationships to holistically address the social, emotional, and academic needs of your students?

Join our panel of educators and community partners for this virtual roundtable as we explore:

  • Tips for establishing and maintaining connections with students at a distance—including hard-to-reach learners
  • Strategies for supporting students' increased need for social interaction and explicit social-emotional support regardless of instructional setting
  • How to leverage positive relationships and formative assessment data to nudge students into becoming more confident and engaged learners

Tuesday Twitter Chat Takeover!

Let's keep the conversation about leveraging positive relationships to help learners succeed both in and out of the classroom going! Join us on Twitter using #Lead2Literacy at 7 p.m. ET:

  • September 22 – Making Virtual Learning Fun with Cindy McCann
  • October 6 – Modeling SEL and Self-Care for Students with LaVondia Menephee
  • October 20 – Building Community While Teaching Remotely with Dr. Salome Thomas-EL
  • November 10 – Coaching for Success in Virtual Classrooms with Jen Raimi


Explore practical, teacher-tested tips for building positive student-teacher relationships.


Continue the conversation by sharing these key takeaways from the webinar with your colleagues.


Tuesday Twitter Chats provide K–12 educators the opportunity to learn from peers while making connections with K–12 educators from across the country. Topics change regularly, with discussions ranging from remote teaching to fostering learning mindsets and more.

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