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Reconnecting to Your Passion to Improve Your Practice

60 Minutes

As we consider the last 15 months in education, what have we or can we learn from that process for personal and professional growth to effectively drive student growth and outcomes? As we begin settling into the new normal, balancing today’s pressing concerns with the needs of tomorrow will be a constant challenge. In the face of competing priorities, we can lead and teach in a meaningful way that creates a supportive culture and results.

During this edWebinar we will focus on reaffirming, refocusing, and even challenging your thinking by:

  • Rekindling strong and productive relationships with those you serve
  • Using skills and strategies that move beyond coping and lead to growth
  • Capacity planning within your district and school and more!

This edWebinar will be of interest to K-12 teachers, school and district leaders, and district curriculum coordinators.

About the Presenters

Anthony Colannino, Senior Fellow, ICLE, constantly reflects on his education journey. For more than 20 years he has sought out best practices, learned and led from mistakes, as well as successes, and found nuances in small, teachable moments that can lead to exponential growth for students, teachers, and leaders alike. Connect with him online and learn more about his mission, vision, and passion here

Heather Bender is the Director of Professional Learning for Literacy and Math Solutions with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. In her role, she effectively manages and leads a team in the execution of premier professional learning service design and delivery that results in high levels of customer satisfaction and renewed and/or expanded professional learning services. In addition, she is responsible for developing and scaling operational processes to support successful implementation of HMH products and professional learning services in aligned accounts. As the director, she works collaboratively with specialists and sales team members to develop and execute strategic professional learning services projects. Prior to HMH, she worked as the administrator in Huntsville City Schools as the director of networked learning and informational technology. She was involved in leading Huntsville City Schools as the first innovative district in the nation to go districtwide with 1:1 laptops and digital curricula.