Math Tasks: Sparking Student Engagement

60 Minutes

Watch HMH Content Specialist Kaitlyn Johnson to learn about and facilitate experiences based on rich math tasks with a focus on accessibility for all learners, real-life tasks, and developing multiple approaches to tasks. Practice collaboration and discussion, engagement techniques, and using task-based activities with students at all ability levels.

This recorded edWebinar will be of interest to teachers and school and district leaders of the elementary and middle school levels.

About the Presenter

Kaitlyn Johnson is a STEM content specialist who came to HMH in April 2019 directly from teaching in an elementary classroom. Her nine years of teaching both elementary and middle school levels allow her to resonate with educators. Kaitlyn’s role as a content specialist includes delivery of sales presentations, working with districts to successfully implement math and science programs, and presenting at state and national STEM conferences. Kaitlyn continues to stay on top of current curriculum trends and education issues to support teachers.