Making Assessments Sparkle with Engineering

62:20 Minutes

October 29: Engineering tasks challenge students to use their science know-how to solve real-world problems. The result: tangible evidence of three-dimensional learning. You can learn how to develop such assessments by checking out the free online examples from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), also known as The Nation's Report Card. These assessments are given to thousands of students across the country to check their science proficiency.

Although NAEP assessments cannot be revealed in advance, several items are available on the web.  Please check out at least one of the items before our webinar. Nearly all of them ask students to apply scientific concepts—or in one case, math concepts—to solving engineering problems. Try your hand at one of the tasks, then look at the data on how students across the country scored on the task. How do you think your students would do?

Our webinar will offer strategies for creating your own scenario-based tasks that students can try individually or in groups. These will sharpen students' problem-solving skills and prepare them to tackle the NAEP assessment.