Intentional, Interactive Writing Support for Academic English Learners

67 Minutes

English learners and reticent readers in Grades 3–12 need informed, interactive, and systematic instruction across the curriculum that addresses their academic English language and rhetorical voids. Rather than spending abundant class time silently journaling, completing graphic organizers, or receiving misinformation from peer editors, neophyte writers need every teacher to serve as the over-the-shoulder writing coach their parents cannot generally be. Dr. Kinsella details cross-curricular writing instruction imperatives for educators serving English learners and striving readers, including a focused yet accessible analytic rubric for each assignment, targeted lessons on language and rhetorical devices for specific writing types, explicit analysis of an appropriate writing model, and brief, frequent doses of interactive, teacher-meditated writing practice to build critical competencies for longer, independent assignments. Participants leave with digital and print resources to support implementation and site-based professional learning.