Inquiry is Alive and Well in the NGSS

1:00 Minutes

There is perhaps no more important term in science education reform since the days of John Dewy as “inquiry.” Yet the term has been intentionally replaced in the Next Generation Science Standards* (NGSS) with the word “practice.” There are good reasons for the change, but they do not mean abandoning the style of science education that inquiry has come to stand for—far from it! This webinar will provide a brief history of inquiry in science education reform and explain how its meaning has been clarified in the NGSS to be more powerful than ever before. A few classroom activities will illustrate the value of distinguishing between scientific inquiry and engineering design to motivate student learning.

About the Presenter: While studying astrophysics at Harvard, Cary Sneider volunteered to teach in an Upward Bound program and discovered his real calling as a science teacher. After teaching middle and high school science in Maine, California, Costa Rica, and Micronesia, he settled for nearly three decades at Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley, California, where he developed skills in curriculum development and teacher education. Over his career Cary directed more than 20 federal, state, and foundation grant projects, and was a writing team leader for the Next Generation Science Standards. He has been instrumental in ensuring HMH Science Dimensions meets the high expectations of the NGSS and provides an effective three-dimensional learning experience for all students.