Increase Reading Achievement during the Summer with the Right Books

28 Minutes

Get tools and tips to help you ignite reading growth during the summer.

Summer school is all about closing the achievement gap so students can start the next school year back on track.

Join host Melissa McClure in an interactive webinar that focuses on tools and tips to spark reading success this summer and help your students find the right books that make it easy. Explore how you can optimize your bookroom to support reading growth and prevent the summer slide.

About the Presenter:

As a Content Specialist at HMH, Melissa McClure focuses on serving schools around the country with a concentration on literacy and early childhood education. Her work includes collaboration with private, parochial, charter, and public schools. As a result of her over seven years of teaching experience with primary grades, Melissa has supported pilots and implementation trainings specifically for kindergarten and first-grade teachers.

Melissa's career began as an educator and she was a part of local education through teaching both publicly and privately. Her desire to help each child individually also gave her the motivation to move to the private sector as a Director of Education at a local Utah Sylvan Learning Center.