From a Model Schools Conference to a Hard Hat Nation: How Asbury Park Reinvented Itself

60 Minutes

Join panelists from the Asbury Park School District, Superintendent Dr. Lamont Repollet and Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum Instruction Sancha Gray, as they discuss how they initiated turnaround efforts to achieve a district-wide transformation. Dr. Repollet conceptualized his own intervention program, Hard Hat Nation, within the district after attending ICLE's Model Schools Conference just a few years ago. The name came from his interview process when he said he was “not afraid to get [his] hands dirty” in a district with extremely low literacy rates. As the literacy rates grew within Grades 3 to 12, the district also saw a sharp drop in student course failure rates. In this webinar, Dr. Repollet and Sancha Gray will discuss how they are implementing other successful school-wide initiatives to increase overall success rates for all students that come through this New Jersey school district.