Formative Assessment: What Role Does It Play in Your District and School Planning?

60 Minutes

As leaders face growing challenges brought on by pandemic-related closures and new learning environments, there has never been a more important time to leverage formative assessments. “Mitigating learning loss” is a phrase often heard from administrators and leaders—there is question on what the learning gaps will look like for students when they come back to school buildings.

In this recorded edWebinar, Kyra Donovan leads the audience in understanding the intention and structure of formative assessments for in-person, hybrid, and remote learning environments. Kyra provides leaders with clarity on:

  • Why do educators collect the data?
  • How does the data inform programs and resource allocation?

By viewing this edWebinar, viewers will gather how to think more systemically about identifying the learning gaps of students and the importance of formative assessment to inform their district and school planning.

This recorded edWebinar will be of interest to school and district leaders of the elementary through high school levels.

About the Presenter

Kyra Donovan co-authored Rigorous Curriculum Design, Second Edition (2019) with Larry Ainsworth. She also contributed a chapter to the book, Getting Started with Rigorous Curriculum Design: How School Districts Are Successfully Redesigning Their Curricula for the Common Core(2013). She is currently an associate partner for the International Center for Leadership in Education. With 30 years of experience in public education as a teacher, principal, and central office administrator, Kyra brings a practitioner’s point of view to teaching and learning, with a relentless belief that ALL students will achieve success.

Kyra supports schools and districts across the country to develop and sustain a standards-based curriculum, assessment and instructional framework. She was awarded the Oregon Central Office Administrators “Achievement of Excellence” award in June 2016 for her commitment to excellence in education and her leadership in McMinnville School District. Kyra holds a Master of Education degree in both literacy and educational administration.