Awesome K-5 Science Activities That Work…Everywhere!

60 Minutes

Watch HMH author, master educator and science specialist, Dr. Michael A. DiSpezio, as he presents an assortment of his favorite elementary science activities. From building sound-making devices to launching paper gliders, you'll be introduced to inexpensive, repeatable, and standards-based activities. Tailored to be effective in traditional, online and hybrid classrooms, these science engagements are guaranteed to motivate your students as they reignite their passion for learning.

But this won't be an ordinary edWebinar. No way! During this session, you'll have the opportunity to see several hands-on activities. Through your process interaction, you'll uncover key features that make a science activity successful. To attempt these edWebinar activities (not required), make sure you have the following materials nearby: several sheets of scrap paper, scissors, several paper clips, four drinking straws, tape, a three-foot-long kite string (or crochet thread) and two paper cups.

This recorded edWebinar will be of interest to teachers and school leaders of the kindergarten through elementary levels.

About the Presenter

Dr. Michael DiSpezio is a renaissance educator, speaker, and author. A former marine biologist, Dr. DiSpezio completed his graduate studies at the Marine Biological Lab at Woods Hole and worked as a research assistant to a Nobel Prize winner. Leaving the laboratory, he celebrated his passion in education as a K–12 classroom teacher for nearly ten years. His understanding of natural sciences has resulted in numerous publications and speaking engagements throughout the world on scientific topics that range from learning and the brain to re-engineering the classroom. Extensive travel has taken him from the Emmys with an award-nominated show on HIV to the Bahamas where he developed the Discovery Channel Camp at Atlantis. He is also a Smithsonian lecturer, presenting on STEM in ancient Mediterranean civilizations. Dr. DiSpezio is an author of HMH Into Science™ and a STEM consultant of algebra I, geometry, and algebra 2.