5Essentials® Survey

School Improvement with the Center for Model Schools

5Essentials Survey and Framework

The Center for Model Schools leverages its exclusive partnership with UChicago Impact® to deliver the 5Essentials* Survey and Professional Learning to schools nationwide.

Grounded in Research

Aligned to the 5Essentials Framework and backed by 30+ years of research, the 5Essentials Survey meets ESSA criteria as a Tier 2 evidence-based practice.

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Proven Academic Outcomes

The 5Essentials Survey and Professional Learning help schools achieve transformational change, including:

  • Increased Test Scores
  • Improved Attendance and Graduation Rates
  • Higher GPA
  • Teacher Mobility/Retention
  • Freshman on Track
Proven Academic Outcomes

Insights into School Culture

The survey is administered annually to students, teachers, and upon request, families. The resulting data identify schools’ organizational strengths. Key insights also inform where support is needed across the 5Essentials: effective leaders, collaborative teachers, involved families, supportive environment, and ambitious instruction.


The Center for Model Schools Partnership

Embark on a customized school improvement journey with the 5Essentials Survey and review the results with UChicago and the Center for Model Schools’ professional learning partners. Then, turn survey results into action with the Center for Model Schools’ consulting and network offerings.

Leadership Consulting

Get shoulder-to-shoulder support for school leaders to implement an actionable 5Essentials strategy. Plus, deepen leadership skills by focusing on school improvement, vision and strategy, culture, and teaching and learning.


Transformational Leadership Network

Connect with school leaders who share similar challenges via inter-school cohort sessions and personalized 1:1 collaboration facilitated by experts in Improvement Science and the 5Essentials Framework.


Partner with us for long-term school success.

Insights & Resources

*5Essentials is a registered trademark and is the Intellectual property of UChicago Impact and the University of Chicago.

Partner with us for long-term school success.

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