HMH Subscriptions

Easy, flexible access to meet the needs of all learners

Provide unprecedented quality of content and equity of access for every student with simple, flexible pricing options on digital and blended learning solutions.

Benefits of subscription:
  • Receive the latest in digital instructional content, annual student consumable shipments, and teacher support.
  • Receive on-demand professional learning, as well as blended implementation support, each and every year of your subscription.
  • Optimize program implementation and drive classroom success with support that includes regular touchpoints throughout the academic year.
  • Accommodate differing ability levels by pulling digital resources and assigning activities using free access across grade bands.*
  • Receive free online access for as many teachers as needed with a minimum student purchase.*
How HMH subscriptions work:

Easily purchase the exact number of student licenses you need and the classroom materials you want.

1. Student subscription: choose either digital only or digital + consumable print. Available for multiple years upfront.

2. One-time print classroom materials: purchase program-specific resources and hardcover teacher and student editions as needed.*

*Ask your Account Executive about subscription configurations for Math in Focus® and Math Expressions