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HMH Subscriptions

Easy, flexible access to meet the needs of all learners

Provide unprecedented quality of content and equity of access for every student with simple, flexible pricing options on digital and blended learning solutions.

Benefits of subscription:

  • Receive the latest in digital instructional content, annual student consumable shipments, and teacher support.
  • Receive on-demand professional learning, as well as blended implementation support, each and every year of your subscription.
  • Optimize program implementation and drive classroom success with support that includes regular touchpoints throughout the academic year.
  • Accommodate differing ability levels by pulling digital resources and assigning activities using free access across grade bands.*
  • Receive free online access for as many teachers as needed with a minimum student purchase.*
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How HMH subscriptions work:

Easily purchase the exact number of student licenses you need and the classroom materials you want.

1. Student subscription: choose either digital only or digital + consumable print. Available for multiple years upfront.

2. One-time print classroom materials: purchase program-specific resources and hardcover teacher and student editions as needed.*

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*Ask your Account Executive about subscription configurations for Math in Focus® and Math Expressions

Subscription Solutions

Explore our Core, Assessment, Intervention, and Supplemental Solutions

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Wf629130 Into Math Ntl Program Page Into Math Thumbnail
HMH Into Math™ (Grades K–8)

Foster growth in understanding mathematical ideas and developing problem-solving grit.

Into R Cms2
HMH Into Reading™ (Grades K–6)

Encourage literacy growth while honoring the needs of teachers and today’s learners.

Into Ss Cms
Into Social Studies™ (Grades K–6)

Foster participatory citizens and future leaders in today’s elementary classroom.

Mif Banner Wf714797
Math in Focus®: Singapore Math® by Marshall Cavendish® (Grades K–8)

Engage in highly effective Singapore Math® with visualization and hands-on learning.

Program Page Header Hmh Science Dimensions
HMH Science Dimensions® (Grades K–12)

Explore phenomena, ask probing questions, state claims, and find resolution through reasoning.

Into Lit Cms2
HMH Into Literature™ (Grades 6–12)

Engage today’s students with relevant instruction, authentic texts, and intuitive technology.

Wf892886 Hmhss 2019 Hero 2560 1090
HMH Social Studies (Grades 6–12)

Challenge students to dig deep into the past, uncover connections, and prepare for tomorrow.

Into Aga Thumnail2
HMH Into AGA™ (Grades 8–12)

Offer proven strategies for exploring and mastering mathematical concepts with confidence.

Header Mx Wf285498
Math Expressions (Grades Pre-K–6)

Build deep understanding with this essential inquiry-based mathematics curriculum.


Program Header Amira Wf892955
Amira LearningAssessment (Grades K–3)

Harness the power of AI to efficiently assess oral reading fluency and screen for dyslexia.

Math Inventory Thumb Summer School Wf329288 Content Image Vert
Math Inventory® (Grades K–12)

Shift the focus from measuring what students don’t know to principles they’re ready to learn.

Reading Inventory Thumb Summer School Wf329288 Content Image Vert
Reading Inventory® (Grades K–12)

Ensure effective instruction and personalization with quick access to performance data.

Reading Counts CV
Reading Counts!® (Grades K–12)

Leverage your independent reading program into a measurable and motivating resource.

Phonics Inventory Program Page Wf663744
Phonics Inventory® (Grades 3–12)

Take the guesswork out of accurately placing students into reading intervention programs.

Intervention & Supplemental

Hero Iread Wf284387
iRead® (Grades K–2)

Create proficient, excited readers by Grade 3 by leveraging the motivating power of success.

Waggle Header 1600 X 900
Waggle® (Grades 2–8)

Prioritize fun, engaging learning and interactive practice to transform the learning experience.

627401 Writable Header
Writable® (Grades 3–12)

Support students' needs and align assignments to today’s English Language Arts standards.

Header System44 Wf283459
System 44® (Grades 3–12)

Place students on a path to achievement with foundational tools for lifelong success.

READ 180® (Grades 4–12)

Change “I can’t do it” to “I can’t be stopped” by building confidence in striving readers.

Header Math180 Wf283568
MATH 180® (Grades 5–12)

Unlock algebra and advanced mathematics skills and concepts for struggling older students.

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