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HMH Reading Inventory®

Ensure effective instruction with quick access to performance data

Balancing the demands of today’s academic standards with the developmental readiness of each student is at the heart of effective teaching. Reading Inventory helps teachers strike this balance by providing a low-stress, adaptive assessment tool that provides student, school, and district-wide data.

Reading Inventory provides teachers with the data they need to create, implement, and adjust personalized instruction. Reading Inventory’s adaptive software gives teachers a research-based growth assessment for K–12 and places instructional planning and personalization recommendations at their fingertips.

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More data in less time with adaptive software

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College- and career- readiness aligned text bank

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Accurate forecasting that enables differentiated instruction

Ensuring College- and Career- Readiness

Based on leading research and designed to align with current standards, Reading Inventory gives teachers quantifiable data for forecasting student trajectories. Teachers can easily and effectively differentiate reading instruction to ensure college- and career- readiness for every student.

Lexile Framework

Leveraging the Lexile Framework, Reading Inventory provides accurate forecasting

  • Lexile® Framework
    The framework is a scientifically proven tool for simultaneously measuring reading ability and text difficulty.
  • Adaptive
    The assessment increases text complexity as achievement is demonstrated, providing a reliable measure of proficiency and forecastable growth.
  • Rich Data
    Teachers are given a comprehensive set of performance data that allows them to set achievable goals for each student.
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Review the complete Lexile Framework for Reading Map.

Assessment Features
  • Foundational Reading Assessment

Designed for Grades K–2, this assessment measures phonological awareness, letter-word recognition, and word-attack skills in a low-pressure, developmentally appropriate manner.

  • Reading Comprehension Assessment

Designed for Grades K–12, this assessment measures vocabulary and comprehension proficiency with texts students will encounter both in and out of school.

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Student Experience

Low stress, developmentally appropriate assessment tools put the power to succeed in the hands of every learner by allowing educators to accurately assess current proficiency and track possible reading intervention needs.

A low-stress, high-accuracy reading comprehension assessment

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The developmentally appropriate design and the ability to skip questions give students a low-stress environment for testing.

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Students are tested on text they will encounter both in and out of the classroom to ensure readiness for both college and careers.

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To prevent frustration and build on success, the complexity of questions grows as students demonstrate mastery.

Teacher Experience

Smart data provide teachers the ability to accurately and efficiently assess readiness, predict growth, and intervene as needed. Through one central location, teachers now have the power to instantly assess current skill levels while forecasting proficiency trajectories.

Data & reporting provide insights to drive a roadmap for success.

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Progress to College and Career Reports allow teachers to track improvement in narrative, functional, and informational text performance over time.

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Growth Goals Reports let teachers set annual Lexile® growth reports based on the previous year’s performance.

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Instructional Planning Reports allow teachers to provide targeted instruction and intervention based on algorithm-generated group recommendations.

Support for Leaders

District leaders are provided with real-time, high-level data to develop and implement district-wide resource allocation and intervention strategies to ensure learners in every school have access to instruction they need.

Real-time reporting enables data-driven district planning.

The Leadership Dashboard offers a single, central location for all performance data, report notifications, and growth snapshots.

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District-Level Reports provide administrators with an instant overview of school and district-wide performance and allow for immediate assistance to struggling schools.

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Real-time data overviews offer high-level snapshots of student, school, and district performance growth over time.

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See what HMH Reading Inventory has in store for your classroom.

Research & Results

Research-based assessment yielding proven results

Downloadable Reports


Overview of how HMH® reduces measurement errors in assessment.


Overview of how HMH assessments support state standards and ensure college readiness


Overview of the estimated average student growth over a year


A guide to understanding assessment results


Supplemental information on Standards for ELA and literacy.

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See what HMH Reading Inventory has in store for your classroom.

See what HMH Reading Inventory has in store for your classroom.