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For students who are significantly behind or have learning challenges, success means more than improved reading scores. It means broader academic achievement, the pursuit of a college education, and a career path that allows them to reach their fullest potential.

Success means educators have the power to change the life trajectory not only for students, but also for their families and communities.

System 44® places all students, at any level, on a path to achievement and provides the foundational tools they need to achieve real success in school and life.

See how System 44 turned lives around in Modesto, CA

Meet refugee students like Fereshta who are experiencing success thanks to the blended learning program and supportive teachers.

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Adaptive instruction offers a personalized path to building foundational skills.

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Scaffolded instruction helps students meet rigorous standards.

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Decades of research and success stories prove that System 44 works.

The most proven-effective foundational reading program.

By focusing on three key components, System 44 delivers just-in-time intensive intervention and a supportive learning environment that the most challenged readers urgently need.

System44 Rigorous

Simple, clear instruction is designed to get all students reading, writing, talking, and thinking critically.

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As students accelerate, they see themselves as readers on a path to success with respectful and engaging instruction.

System44 Supportive

Teachers get an ecosystem of support for phonics instruction and access to online and professional development.

See what System 44 has in store for your classroom.

Best-in-class blended learning

System 44’s instructional model is holistic, providing everything students and teachers need for simple, clear instruction and classroom engagement, including digital tools, real-time data, implementation support, and professional learning.

The System 44 Model for Blended Learning combines adaptive technology and teacher-led instruction to help students become proficient readers, writers, speakers, and critical thinkers.

Instructional Model

System 44’s instructional model is holistic, providing everything students and teachers need for simple, clear instruction and classroom engagement, including digital tools, real-time data, implementation support, and professional learning.

The System 44 Model for Blended Learning combines adaptive technology and teacher-led instruction to help students become proficient readers, writers, speakers, and critical thinkers.

Instruction follows a rotational model that includes:

  • Instructional Technology
    Students work independently on the software and receive intensive, individualized reading instruction and skills practice.
  • Modeled & Independent Reading
    Students build fluency and reading comprehension through modeled and independent reading.
  • Small-Group Instruction
    Teachers present targeted small-group differentiated instruction based on data-driven reports.
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Implementing System 44 with Read 180

To maximize instructional efficiency, System 44 was designed to integrate seamlessly into a Read 180® classroom.

Educators provide differentiated instruction for System 44 students during the Small-Group Learning rotations as part of the Read 180 Blended Learning model.

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Student Experience

When students enter a System 44 classroom, their experience of school changes. The System 44 classroom environment is both personalized and engaging for the student, with an instructional experience driven by adaptive technology that provides a unique path to progression for every student, no matter the student's level of ability.

The software offers a systematic learning progression.

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The student software is organized by a comprehensive foundational reading scope and sequence created by Dr. Marilyn Adams.

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The scope and sequence guides students through five strands: The Code, Word Strategies, Sight Words, Success, and Writing, providing differentiated instruction and practice in each.

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The Student Dashboard motivates and supports students in building executive-function skills, allowing them to track their progress throughout the program.

Knowledge acquisition is driven by the FASTT model.

Based on Dr. Ted Hasselbring’s research, the proven FASTT (Fluency and Automaticity through Systematic Teaching with Technology) algorithm helps students manage their acquisition of new information and then carefully synthesizes this information into long-term memory.

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A library of high-interest texts fosters independent reading.

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A library of leveled, high-interest, age-appropriate titles targets decoding and comprehension skills while building vocabulary and content-area knowledge.

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eBooks include interactive features such as on-demand audio and vocabulary support to promote fluency and comprehension.

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Audiobooks foster good strategies and are narrated by one voice, while a second voice, the Reading Coach, prompts “think-alouds” that model best practices.

Students are encouraged to read anytime, anywhere.

Built for the rigor of new standards and designed for a seamless digital experience, System 44 Next Generation for iPad® helps maximize instructional time and accelerate student achievement in and out of the classroom.

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Test drive System 44’s adaptive software.

Teacher Experience

System 44 is designed to address the instructional needs of teachers while helping students meet the rigorous expectations of new standards and assessments. HMH® offers comprehensive System 44 implementation training and blended coaching services to help teachers grow as professionals while fostering best practices in the classroom.

Foster instructional best practices with:

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Embedded resources tied to daily instruction, which enable teachers to differentiate instruction, plan and watch model lessons, and get tips from a program author.

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The Educator Dashboard, which helps build capacity of effective teachers with access to critical student performance data and state-of-the-art planning tools.

Ipad Service System44 WF283459

Virtual and in-person coaching options, which allows teachers to work directly with foundational literacy experts to support specific reading intervention needs.


A variety of formative assessment instruments use data to identify students’ most urgent needs, enabling the System 44 program and the classroom teacher to adjust instruction accordingly.

Teachers personalize instruction with informative assessments.

A universal screener and progress monitor, HMH Phonics Inventory® places students and monitors progress over time.

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The software acts as an ongoing diagnostic and formative assessment measuring phonics, fluency, spelling, comprehension, and writing skills.

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With performance-based assessments, students apply higher-order thinking and collaborate to produce a written outcome.

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The online independent reading assessments monitor students’ comprehension of paperback, audiobook and eBook titles.

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System 44 changes everything for students

Casestudy1 System44 Wf283459
Michaela, Grade 4, Pennsylvania

Having been homeschooled through the third grade, Michaela entered Baker Elementary School as a fourth grader with an infectious enthusiasm for learning, but also as a beginning reader. With hard work and support from her teachers and family, she’s now closer than ever to being on grade. “Due largely to her participation and success in the program, Michaela now has many aspirations for her future,” noted her teacher.

Casestudy2 System44 Wf283459
Dwayne, Grade 7, Texas

Dwayne was a shy student. When he started in System 44 and Read 180, he had a lot of anger and frustration with his reading challenges. Dwayne reads everything now—science books, sports books, sometimes even comic books. System 44 and Read 180 helped him set his sights even higher than middle school. “I want to graduate middle school, high school, and college, so I can study business,” says Dwayne. We can’t wait to see how far he goes!

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Witness the success in your classroom.

Summer School

A complete summer school solution to meet your literacy intervention needs

Close the learning gap this summer by providing additional foundational reading intervention support for your most challenged readers with System 44 Next Generation.

System 44 for summer school provides:

  • Reliable placement tools to ensure proper placement into the adaptive software
  • Adaptive software to meet students' individual needs in the classroom and in remote or distant learning environments
  • Formative and summative assessments integrated into daily instruction
  • Daily independent reading opportunities for students in class or in remote or distant learning environments
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Authors & Advisors

Developed in careful consultation and ongoing collaboration with the country’s leading researchers and reading experts, System 44 was built on over 20 years of scientifically based research.

Ted Hasselbring 1

Emeritus Professor, Vanderbilt University; HMH Learning Sciences & Research Advisory Board

Adams Jager Marilyn

Visiting Professor, Brown University

Ted Hasselbring System44 Wf283459

“The power of adaptive technology can help even the most reluctant reader become successful.”

Dr. Ted Hasselbring

System 44 Principal Scientist: Adaptive Technology

Default Female

Program Advisor and Assistant Professor, University of Iowa

Julie Washington

Professor, Language Sciences, School of Education – University of California, Irvine; HMH Learning Sciences & Research Advisory Board

Goin Laura

Instructional Designer, Independent Consultant

Dr Richard Wagner Author Wf663744

Professor, Florida State University

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