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Harness the power of an “I can” attitude to create proficient, excited readers by Grade 3. iRead® paved the way for innovative adaptive technology that builds confidence and adjusts instruction to meet each student where they are in their skill development. Learn how HMH is shaping the early reading experience through dynamic personalization and friendly characters that empower all students in their learning.

Adaptive technology gives educators the power to instantly adjust instruction to meet individual needs as they arise.

HMH Solutions catapult children into exciting, motivating, and interactive learning environments.

Data driven and research based, our unique methods prove their efficacy year after year.

Closing the Gap through Personalized Learning

Children's learning journeys are as unique as children themselves. By employing a powerful combination of personalized learning, embedded assessment, complementary technology, and the opportunity for small-group instruction, teachers are able to close the achievement gap before it has the chance to develop. Whether they are English Learners, have special needs, or need grade-level support, HMH drives success every step of the way.

Foundational Principles
Personalized Progression

Children progress at an instructional pace that matches their readiness. Placed at the appropriate starting point by an initial screener, children’s proficiency dictates content skill level, pacing, and practice opportunities. Once mastery is demonstrated, students reflect on their progress and advance to the next level.

Embedded Assessment

Each child’s performance is continuously monitored in order to create customized pacing, instructional load, and content. Mastery is achieved as knowledge is systematically moved from short- to long-term memory.

Gaming Theory

Motivation surges as students interact with friendly characters and collect accomplishments that document their progress.

Complementary Technology

Immediately accessible technology enhances teacher efficiency by placing growth charts, lesson plans, and resources for professional development at their fingertips.

Supportive Learning Environment

Involved families make the difference between struggling learners and proficient learners. By accessing the host of available resources on the Family Portal, family members can act as partners with teachers.

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Close the gap through personalized learning

Backed by proven research and reliable data, HMH early reading solutions guarantee a path to success for every child through the process of placement, instruction, and assessment.

Watch Learning Take Flight with Waggle

Gain access to enhanced reporting for assessing growth and skill acquisition, text to speech for added accessibility, SEL hints for motivation, and auto-assign functionality for flexible implementation.


Meet Amira: The Teacher’s Reading Assistant


Family Experience

Family Room—a family-friendly part of HMH’s learning platform—supports diverse learning environments and makes at-home learning more manageable for families and caregivers by providing equitable, on-demand resources to help support their children.

With Family Room, families and caregivers can:
With Family Room, families and caregivers can:
  • Access their child’s learning via the student’s log in
  • Find simple, helpful, and equitable at-home learning resources in both English and Spanish
  • Explore tips and videos personalized to their child’s learning

Current iRead Customers

HMH is beginning the retirement process for iRead starting December 31, 2021. At that time, HMH will no longer sell new iRead licenses except as contractually required. All one-year iRead licenses purchased in 2021 will be prorated to expire on June 30, 2022.

Waggle for Grades K–2 includes many of the same lessons as iRead. Access FAQs regarding the iRead retirement and transition here.

Click here for more information.

Related Solutions

We know success doesn’t come from one solution, but from a network of support. When you select a program from HMH®, it’s the start of a relationship—one that helps you implement and raise achievement in the ways that work best for your district, school, or classroom.

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HMH Into Reading™

Using HMH Into Reading together with iRead gives teachers a complete set of tools for turning all students into strong readers, writers, listeners, and speakers with a lifelong passion for learning.

Waggle Cv

Waggle for Grades K–8 offers supplemental practice and instruction that immerses students in personalized learning and maximizes teachers' time.

Amiralearning Hero

Amira for Grades K-5 supports emergent readers with targeted micro-interventions, including rhyming similar words and showing an adult’s mouth as she reads the words correctly.

System44 Cv
System 44®

System 44 delivers foundational phonics instruction similar to iRead, but in a manner appropriate for older struggling readers.

Read180 Cv
READ 180®

READ 180, the leading blended learning literacy intervention solution, reinforces your iRead toolkit by helping students two or more years behind become active, accomplished readers.

See what HMH has in store for your early readers.


Research & Results

Proven results backed by the latest in literacy research

We stand firm in our dedication to creating data-driven, research-based literacy programs that easily integrate into every classroom. Founded on years of research demonstrating that foundational reading skills and access to dynamic and engaging technology are critical to lifelong success of students, iRead’s innovative technology offers teachers and students an effective, research-driven path to literacy.

ESSA Evidence Criteria for iRead
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Authors Advisors

Authors & Advisors

Leveraging the best thinking from foundational reading experts

Developed with the knowledge of nationally recognized experts in foundational reading, iRead connects teachers with the best minds in literacy research.

Dr. Ted Hasselbring
Emeritus Professor, Vanderbilt University; HMH Learning Sciences & Research Advisory Board
Dr. Marilyn Jager Adams
Visiting Professor, Brown University
Dr. Julie Washington
Professor, Language Sciences, School of Education – University of California, Irvine; HMH Learning Sciences & Research Advisory Board
Dr. David Dockterman
Lecturer, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Phyllis C. Hunter
Program Consultant, Children's Literacy
Dr. Elsa Cardenas-Hagan
Director, Valley Speech Language and Learning Center
Laura Goin
Instructional Designer, Independent Consultant
Dr. Anne Cunningham
Professor, University of California, Berkeley; HMH Author
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News & Events

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