Three Math Students Recognized for Academic Achievement

Three Math Students Recognized Thumb

Congratulations to these three 2017 180 Student Awards MATH 180 winners being honored by their schools and by HMH for their outstanding academic achievement and growth in mathematics. With the help of dedicated teachers and their hard work in MATH 180, the students celebrated here have overcome challenges and have become proud learners who have goals for continued success on a path to college and careers.


Name: Brooklyn Ramirez
School: Buchanan Elementary School, Murrietta, CA
Teacher: Tonja Lyda
Grade: 5
Nominated for: MATH 180

How MATH 180 has made a difference:
Math used to be very difficult for me, but now it’s fun. I still get frustrated sometimes, but doing it on the computer helps me by showing me videos and helping me learn step by step. Doing MATH 180 helps me succeed by teaching me not to give up.”

What her teacher says:
Brooklyn has a [serious health condition that caused her to miss well over half] of her 4th grade year. Even before her absence she had struggled with math. Brooklyn did not let this deter her; she kept on trying harder and harder and kept pushing through. She’s currently on the top block of MATH 180 in my entire class.”

Brooklyn’s goals for the future:
“To finish all 9 blocks in MATH 180 and to improve my reading comprehension. Also not to get frustrated—to keep on trying and not give up.”


Name: Trevon Walker
School: Gillette Road Middle School, Cicero, NY
Teacher: Erika Gilbert
Grade: 6
Nominated for: MATH 180

How MATH 180 has made a difference:
“I used to dread math every day. When I am using MATH 180 and I am successful, I want to continue and not give up. Sometimes I smile because I am enjoying the feeling of success. I am an athlete and have learned to use math everywhere. In gym, we used math when we were bowling and also when keeping score in all of the games we play. I use it in stores to add up all the prices and to make sure that I have enough money.”

What his teacher says:
“I have seen tremendous growth in his desire to achieve more and in his confidence as a math student since Trevon joined my MATH 180 class. He enjoys the program and feels success every time he enters my room. This success and confidence have spilled over into Trevon’s other classes as well. He has shown an increase in confidence in all of his core classes.”

Trevon’s goals for the future:
“In the future I want to go to college after graduating high school. I love sports and want to continue playing. I know that I need math to play sports if I want to know statistics and percentages.”


Name: Unique Eberhardt
School: Langley Middle School, Pittsburgh, PA
Teacher: Rodney Necciai
Grade: 8
Nominated for: MATH 180

How MATH 180 has made a difference:
Before I started MATH 180 I had a very fixed mindset. I always liked math better than reading but I could never understand what I was doing. This would make me mad and I would give up right away. With MATH 180 my mindset changed a lot….I now have a growth mindset.”

What her teacher says:
Prior to 7th grade, Unique had [frustration] challenges. It was easy to make the connection between Unique’s past behavior issues and her lack of a mathematical foundation. MATH 180 gave her the opportunity to build this necessary foundation and regain her confidence academically. She is pleasant, confident and well behaved. I feel honored to have been Unique’s teacher for the past two years. It has been a joy watching her transform into the girl she has become.

Unique’s goals for the future:
“I want to be an ER doctor when I grow up. I will need math every day to give medicine, read tests, and do surgeries. I start high school next near and I will be in Algebra 1. I can’t wait for the challenge.”

Read the full story on the 2017 Student 180 Awards, and watch this space for this year’s honorees in System 44.

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