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HMH Into AGA: Research Evidence Base

At a glance

  • Demonstrates a Rationale
  • Program: HMH Into AGA
  • Report Type: Research Evidence Base
  • Grade Level: High

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s Into AGA® © 2020 is an intentional, comprehensive, and inspiring mathematics solution for Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 that centers on student growth. Educators maximize growth when instruction, assessment, and professional learning are coordinated and tightly aligned, and the structure of Into AGA supports growth in teaching and learning. The solution seeks to maintain the following:

  • Present multiple opportunities for students to persevere using mathematical modeling practices and inspire them to utilize their mathematical toolkit to solve rigorous and relevant problems.
  • Design and present an intentional curriculum in which the mathematics presented in a lesson is focused and structured to reflect the realities of managing a classroom and the challenges surrounding delivering effective instruction for each and every student.
  • Provide a comprehensive approach to teaching and learning in which every aspect of the solution works collectively to drive growth while providing teachers with the tools and a clear pathway to personalize learning.
  • Encourage inspiring mathematics instruction that fosters a growth mindset and supports students in experiencing success in mathematics, while connecting with relevant, real-world applications.

Built upon a foundation of mathematics education research and authored by leaders in the field of mathematics education, Into AGAis effective in raising students’ achievement. This document highlights the features of this cohesive, innovative solution while demonstrating explicitly the research upon which it is based.