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Unlock Multilingual Learners' Full Potential

Equip Multilingual Students for Lasting Success

Our English-language solutions leverage students' vast potential and equip them with the supports they need to do more than advance from one grade to the next. Understanding the unique challenges these learners face, our solutions allow teachers to meet students where they are and guide them to academic language proficiency, standards mastery, and an unshakable confidence in their ability to learn.

A Student's Path to Proficiency

Watch the two-minute story of HMH employee Arlys Lopez as she describes what enhanced her growth as an emerging bilingual student.

Our Solutions Address the Range of Multilingual Learners' Needs

  • ESSA
    • Newcomers: Beginning multilingual learners require solutions that support foundational literacy, build language skills across content areas, and assist them in transitioning to the language of their academic studies.
    • Multilingual Learners in Elementary: As students who are learning English move through elementary, they require differentiated support, engaging and scaffolded content aligned to grade-level standards, and activities that energize and build confidence.
    • Long-Term Multilingual Learners: Long-term multilingual learners have achieved proficiency in conversational English but require intensive support for academic language development and grade-level content mastery to reach today’s rigorous academic milestones.

Evidence-Based Instruction

HMH® offers flexible, evidence-based instruction to address the range of English learners' needs, because it takes a suite of tools to meet diverse language acquisition challenges while also addressing the needs of the whole student through social-emotional learning.

ELD & Intervention

Supplemental Practice

  • Amira: Support for Emergent Readers in Grades K–5

    Proven to be as effective as a human tutor, Amira Learning® is even more effective for multilingual learners. Amira demonstrates strong evidence—the highest ESSA rating—and is an eligible solution for ESSER funding.

    Students Served:

    • Emergent Readers
    • Striving Readers
    • Spanish-Speaking Students
    • Multilingual Students

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  • Waggle: Differentiated Practice in Math & ELA for Grades K–8

    Build foundations and accelerate ELA and math skills growth with Waggle®. Waggle provides real-time support designed specifically for multilingual learners, like academic vocabulary meanings, idioms, figurative language explanations, hints, grammar, Spanish cognates, cultural references, and more.

    Students Served:

    • Students at All Proficiency Levels
    • Spanish-Speaking Students
    • Multilingual Students

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  • Writable: Writing Practice, Feedback, and Assessment for Grades 3–12

    Inspire confident, proficient writers with Writable®. Easily and effectively scaffold writing tasks using supports designed specifically for multilingual learners. Assign writing frames at different levels of support to provide a gradual release as students move toward writing independence.

    Students Served:

    • Students at All Proficiency Levels
    • Spanish-Speaking Students
    • Multilingual Students

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Support for Teachers

  • Nationally Recognized Professional Development

    With nationally recognized professional development for teachers and leaders, HMH partners with schools to create meaningful experiences that foster long-term, sustainable growth.

    • Continuous Implementation Support: Ongoing support and on-demand resources included with HMH subscriptions help optimize program use and maximize time.
    • Ongoing Professional Learning: Live, online courses and coaching build teacher knowledge on topics ranging from SEL to writing to differentiation in the math classroom.
    • Leadership and Advisory: Consultants from the International Center for Leadership in Education provide school and district leaders help in achieving district strategic goals.

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  • Personalized Instructional Coaching for Educators

    Teachers get personalized instructional support from experienced coaches. HMH Coaching Membership includes:

    • Guidance from coaches, delivered live online or in-person, that helps you track goals.
    • Flexible scheduling to align with your PLC or PD plan.
    • Access to HMH's award-winning Coaching Studio, where you can connect with coaches and colleagues.

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  • Continuous Implementation Support on Teacher’s Corner

    Teacher's Corner* gives you continuous implementation support with Teacher Success Pathways on Ed, the HMH learning platform. Pathways are personalized for each teacher to ensure success within their first 30 days of instruction and on-demand resources all yearlong, including live events and instructional tips for teaching multilingual learners across the curriculum.

    *Teacher's Corner is available for all HMH programs on Ed and will be available for Read 180 in January 2023.

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Robust Differentiation Ensures an Equitable Classroom

  • April Webinar Recap 8

    Additional Support for Multilingual Learners

    HMH’s best-in-class core curriculum solutions include embedded, evidence-based support for multilingual learners—along with point-of-use support for teachers—to create inclusive, equitable classrooms that support the content-language connection.

    For biliteracy and dual language settings, ¡Arriba la Lectura! K–6 combines research-driven instruction and the guidance of Spanish-literacy experts to provide comprehensive support for teachers and a measured path to growth in reading, writing, and communication for students.

Free Resources for Multilingual Educators

  • Reading and Writing Strategies for Multilingual Learners

    Multilingual educators, listen to the recording of the August 23, 2022 EdWeb webinar featuring renowned biliteracy author, Isabel Campoy, to learn Reading and Writing Strategies for Multilingual Learners. You will receive a free continuing education certificate for listening to the recording.

  • Leveraging Language Proficiency through Four Pillars

    Review Dr. Barbara Mondloch’s whitepaper to learn four techniques to accelerate language proficiency for multilingual learners.

  • What is Translanguaging in the Classroom?

    Learn about what translanguaging is, how it’s different from code switching, and some quick and effective strategies for translanguaging in the classroom.

  • 7 Strategies for Reading Success with English Learners

    Try these strategies with your ELs to help them engage with reading and foster a desire to connect with texts.

Insights and Resources

  • Differentiated Instruction for ELL Students

    Help prepare ELL students with support resources that benefit your multilingual learners.

  • 7 Strategies for Teaching Math to English Language Learners

    These ELL strategies for math instruction will help you with teaching math to English language learners and supporting math learning for multilingual students.

  • 6 Strategies to Engage Long-Term English Learners

    Try these strategies to engage long-term English learners and provide the support students need in the classroom.

Contact us to learn how our solutions can help support multilingual learners in your classroom.

Contact us to learn how our solutions can help you support multilingual learners in your classroom.