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Making PD Decisions: The Professional Learning Partner Guide

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As district leaders search for proven ways to support teachers, guidance is emerging to assist with professional development decisions. One such support is the Professional Learning Partner Guide (PLPG) from Rivet Education.

Akin to EdReports’ reviews of high-quality instructional materials, the PLPG is a list of organizations that provide the best curriculum-aligned professional learning services.

“Research shows that when teachers have great materials and high-quality professional learning aligned to those materials, student achievement increases and classroom inequity is reduced,” said Alexa Obregon, manager of the PLPG. “Rivet Education also recognizes that providing teachers with curriculum-aligned professional learning can be hard work, and we launched the PLPG to help take this burden off of school systems.”

PLPG Providers are designated based on their ability to demonstrate significant evidence of high-quality curriculum-aligned professional services within four phases: adoption, launch, ongoing support for teachers, or ongoing support for leaders.


HMH is proud to now be among the PLPG's list of professional learning services. Explore our services here.

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