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Learning Resources

Everything educators need to learn, grow, and soar to new heights

At HMH®, we are committed to championing new ideas and emboldening the thinkers and doers of tomorrow. As we evolve from a publisher focused on great content to The Learning Company™ focused on great student outcomes, we are constantly exploring new ways we can support you—the educators—and help you connect with students.

On this page you’ll find fresh, relevant content that boosts your professional growth and inspires success, from free teaching resources to expert advice to creative inspiration. Learning is a journey, and we’re here to give you the tools you need every step of the way.

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What's New

Set high goals and redefine learning in 2020

New year, new goals, new learning strategies! Prepare for a decade of growth and achievement with goal-setting activities and mindfulness strategies for you and your students. Explore the resources below to get the latest classroom materials and insights for 2020 and beyond.

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Dream Big with Solomon

Inspire your fearless kids to achieve their dreams with this episode of Carmen Sandiego: Fearless Kids Around the World.

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Get Inspired by LaQuisha’s Story

Hear LaQuisha Hall’s journey from a ward of the state to an award-winning teacher in this episode of HMH Learning Moments: Teachers in America.

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Redefine Reading Instruction

Students of the 21st century need 21st -century strategies. Get the latest insights for teaching reading to digital natives.

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Classroom Resources

Free lesson plans, videos, playlists, and more 

How do we spark a genuine love of learning? We capture students’ attention with immersive digital experiences and approach traditional topics in new ways. From virtual field trips to video series, these resources were created to engage today’s students. 

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How do you teach writing? In our how-to series students hear from experts in poetry, persuasive writing, storytelling, and more.

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Industry leaders work with real students to demonstrate the importance of learning math in this innovative educational video web series.

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Leveraging Biliteracy

The research is undeniable: growing up biliterate offers significant academic, career, and life advantages.

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Carmen Sandiego

Everyone’s favorite globetrotting hero is back to teach students about geography, culture, SEL, and more! 

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Music + Math

Free lessons and curated playlists help students understand the numbers and patterns that create the music they love. 

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HMH Field Trips

Students pilot their own journeys, exploring far beyond the four walls of the classroom with the power of virtual reality.

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Professional Development

Grow your practice and achieve more

What have teachers told us they want? More ways to learn new strategies and grow in their craft. Below you’ll find groundbreaking and innovative ways for teachers to not just learn, but also join important conversations.

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Leadership Talks

Learn from today's brightest minds in literacy by joining us for conversation and commentary in this webinar series.

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HMH Learning Moments Podcast

Create connections, share stories, and explore the ideas and innovations that will influence the future.

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Shaped Blog

Hear directly from nationally recognized thought leaders, acclaimed authors, and educational researchers and practitioners.

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Social Media

You can find plenty of additional inspiration and resources through our HMH social channels. The content on these accounts is carefully curated and offers free access to new ideas and in-depth conversations. See our latest campaigns below, and don’t forget to connect with us!

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Let's Talk Science!

Join our Facebook® group, HMH Science, to chat with other teachers. Get the latest tips, support each other, and celebrate science!

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ELA Videos on YouTube

Explore tutorials, demos, and more on our ELA YouTube® playlist. Get insights from authors and teachers and inspire your budding writers.

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Check Out the Math Hub

Discover our Pinterest® board dedicated to math puzzles and activities for early learning to high school students.

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