High School Personal Finance Curriculum

Prepare students for financial security
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Personal Finance for High School Students Is Essential

Empower students to define their personal values and make smart financial decisions that help them achieve their goals. Our personal finance curriculum for high school students provides the tools needed to avoid financial mistakes and build a strong foundation for the future. Using engaging visuals and a modular approach, teachers can easily customize the course to topics that matter most to their students.




Personal Finance Program Benefits
Personal Finance Program Benefits

Students learn how to:

  • Determine the costs of borrowing money
  • Build good credit scores
  • Create SMART financial goals
  • Increase income
  • Invest wisely
  • Manage taxes
  • Lower household expenses and debt
  • Create and follow a personal budget
  • Navigate the insurance marketplace
  • Prepare for retirement and the future
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Personal Finance from Experts
Personal Finance from Experts

Published by Wiley, a leader in Advanced Placement®, honors, and electives materials, Introduction to Personal Finance prepares students to succeed in college-level courses and in life. Explore the content developed by professors of financial planning John Grable and Lance Palmer and see how it gives students the money smarts they need to gain full control of their future.

Discover how personal finance for high school students can build a secure future.

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