AP Human Geography Curriculum

Prepare students to think critically and geographically about our world

As of December 31, 2023, HMH will no longer distribute Wiley programs. For more information, please visit Wiley.com or send an email to WileyHSAP@wiley.com.

One of the Most Widely Used AP Human Geography Curriculums

Human Geography for the AP® Course teaches students in Grades 9–12 to appreciate the diversity of people, places, and cultures that shape our world, while preparing them for success on the AP exam and in college and careers.

Through an exclusive partnership with Wiley, our AP Human Geography curriculum gives students geographic context so they learn to think critically about local, national, regional, and global issues. The geographic concepts they will learn allow students to see the world as geographers do.

AP Human Geography Program Benefits

  • Includes resources to help students prepare for the AP Human Geography exam, such as exam-taker’s tips, test-prep materials, and a full-length practice AP exam
  • Integrates dynamic maps, photographs, detailed captions, and field notes from professional geographers throughout to make concepts resonate
  • Teaches students to think critically and appreciate diversity of people, places, and cultures
  • Provides teachers with multiple-choice “clicker,” map-reading, and essay questions that are modeled after those on the AP Human Geography exam, plus digital assessment tools that measure students’ progress in real time

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Why Choose HMH?

Exam Readiness Expertise

Thanks to HMH's exclusive partnership with Wiley, a publisher of market-leading Advanced Placement® materials, students will have access to the same authoritative content used on college campuses. Adapted from the college course by recognized leaders in AP Human Geography, our course includes the tools and practice students need to be successful on the AP exam. Authors Erin Fouberg and Alexander Murphy have carefully reviewed the newly updated AP Human Geography Course and Exam Description to ensure that this program completely covers all required content.

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What Sets Our Human Geography Curriculum Apart:

  • A first-to-market Teacher Edition that includes interactive classroom activities, teaching tips, and more
  • ArcGIS online mapping program developed with maps.com and Esri, the global market leader in GIS
  • Thinking Geographically questions ask students to apply concepts illustrated in Threshold Concept videos to a real-life example
  • A focus on writing to prepare students for the writing component of the AP exam
  • Award-winning program authors, currently active as leaders, teachers, and researchers in the field of human geography

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