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9 Resources for Coding & Computer Science

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In celebration of Computer Science Education Week this week, we’ve compiled this list of 9 apps and resources created by the variety of providers on HMH Marketplace, an online destination for educators to discover, share and sell resources, with the intention of enhancing the teaching and learning experience. Join today (it’s free to sign up!) to find these and other supplemental resources for your classroom!

codeSpark Academy with The Foos (iOS)

This resource covers the basics of computer programming through a variety of interactive activities. Students will track down a sneaky donut thief, rescue puppies lost in space and serve gourmet meals while practicing computer science concepts. Grades PreK-5. By TheFoos.

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codeSpark Academy Teacher Dashboard

codeSpark Academy created this teacher dashboard to further help you introduce computer science to your students. Set up a classroom, add students, and even turn on and off parts of the codeSpark Academy game from your teacher account. Grades PreK-5. By TheFoos.

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CodeMonkey Classroom Subscription

This Game Based Learning curriculum is designed to teach up to 30 students how to code and develop their own web games. The teacher dashboard tracks progress, includes tools for grading, and provides detailed lesson plans. Grades 3-8. By CodeMonkey Studios.

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Minecrafting Historical Communities

Using Minecraft as the operational tool, this Digital Storytelling Unit (DSU) challenges student teams to address issues through the creation of a video or audio narrative. Students pretend to be architects from the year 2060 specializing in creating communities from ancient societies. Grades 6-12. By Meridian Stories.

Access for $10.00

Technology Visuals and Social Stories

These 8 classroom technology visuals offer an effective way to show the appropriate use of technology. Included are two social stories: Asking for the iPad and Taking Turns on the iPad. Also included are iPad and Computer Visual Rules, and a Waiting for a Turn Cue Card. Grades PreK-8. By The Autism Helper.

Download for $4.50

Keyboarding 101

This resource is designed to help students practice keyboarding skills. Includes tips for teachers, 10 posters, certificates, progress tracking and more. Grades 3-5. By Wise Guys.

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POW! Power of Women

This application allows students to explore women’s studies through an anthropologic and computer science cross-curricular approach. Students use mobile technologies to publish facts about women around the world. Grades 6-12. By Gadget Software.

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Plotagon Education Trial

This application enables students to create 3D animated videos. Students craft their characters and write the dialogue before watching their movie. This resource supports English Language Arts, foreign language instruction, as well as, children on the autistic spectrum. Grades PreK-12. By Plotagon.

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Awesome Toy Trains

Students learn to "Design with PRIDE" and create virtual and prototype models of toy trains. The project culminates with the publication of a website that provides links to the plans created for each car in the train. Learning objectives cover concept creation, 3D modeling with CAD skills, ANSI drafting standards and more. Grades 9-12. By DesignLearn.

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