All-New 2022 Program Enhancements to Bolster Student Usability and Growth

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HMH’s Back-to-School 2022 Release

We are excited to share the latest EdTech enhancements to our connected teaching and learning platform, Ed—including integration with Google Classroom and Clever. Updates were designed to empower teachers, students, and education leaders to provide a more engaging and effective instructional experience.

Back-to-school 2022 will bring new features to many of HMH’s core, supplemental, and intervention solutions, along with our professional learning services, underscoring HMH’s commitment to providing powerful teaching and learning experiences that drive positive student outcomes.

Teachers will now be able to push assignments straight from Ed to Google Classroom, where students can complete their work and benefit from Ed’s automatic grading capability. This gives teachers access to standards-aligned content, instructional tools, and data all in one place. In addition, HMH has partnered with Clever, the single sign-on EdTech tool, to streamline rostering for administrators.

We’ve also made getting started, going mobile, and working offline quicker and easier for students, thanks to an array of new rostering partners, and single sign-on through HMH’s mobile application, HMH Go.

Exciting Improvements This Fall on Ed

HMH’s research and development team piloted these enhancements with teachers and students to ensure friendly usability, easy access, and a seamless, streamlined learning experience.

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  • Easier and faster onboarding
  • More precise and actionable insights
  • More visible state standards throughout Ed to empower standards-aligned planning
  • More control of assignment workflow with quicker access to teaching tools
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  • Easier access to materials
  • More engaging, age-appropriate content
  • Expanded support and content for multilingual learners
  • More ability for students to control their own learning
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  • Easier rostering
  • Improvements to management of solutions from a common dashboard
  • Google Classroom and Clever integration
  • Greater visibility into student performance through additional reports and insights

Take a closer look below at the enhancements under each program category.

ELA Skills Practice for All

  • Amira’s Skills Scaffold enhancements will include new content to support early readers in both English and Spanish.
  • Our newly paired digital and print solution, Amira and Saxon Phonics & Spelling, combines Amira’s 1:1 reading tutoring with Saxon’s research-based explicit phonics—giving K–2 students a systematic foundation for reading support.
  • “Grammar Quick-Fix” is a new lesson component within Into Literature, targeting common student errors.
  • Into Reading’s new editable weekly lesson plans and practice bundles make planning easier than ever.
  • Waggle will offer new K–2 fluency practice for ELA.
  • Writable will include brand-new mini lessons for grades 6–12 and offer guided practice of a specific skill.
  • Writable’s new “My Journey” helps teachers target skill practice to achieve their instructional goals.
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Intervention to Improve Outcomes

  • New Explore Zone simulations in Math 180 will enable students to discover how math is used in actual career settings and explore the impact of mathematical decisions.
  • Math 180 students will be able to track their own achievements through the new Learn Zone Progress and Performance Tracker.
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Less Testing, More Insight

  • In Amira, new skills reporting provides mastery level scores for each skill.
  • Amira and Waggle will include even more precise assessment features to track student growth.
  • Across Ed, teachers will have easy access to actionable insights.
  • With Growth Measure, educators can now see students’ progress with enhanced precision across five performance levels.
  • The Growth Measure suite is now extending to support foundational skills screening and diagnostics.
  • Point-of-use state standards in Into Literature can be found in each lesson. Coming in late September.
  • Writable’s new assignment dashboard delivers recommendations, teacher-student chat, and deeper insights.
  • Waggle users will save time with an all-new teacher dashboard, including enhanced reporting and new auto-assign features.
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More Support for Multilingual Learners

  • Both Math 180 and English 3D include more support and high-interest content for multilingual learners.
  • English 3D now supports English language development across all proficiency levels with the new Language Launch Volume 1 course for newcomer students.
  • Waggle will provide point-of-use supports so that multilingual learners can access challenging language like content-area terms, multiple-meaning words, and figurative language.
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New Spanish Resources

  • HMH ¡Arriba las Ciencias! for Grades 6–8 is launching for BTS 2022—and includes all teacher and student components in Spanish.
  • ¡Arriba las Matemáticas! is new on Ed, including Spanish teacher editions for K–Algebra 1 and new tabletop flipcharts.
  • HMH Social Studies now includes Spanish Student Editions.
  • Diverse stories and accompanying lesson plans are available in English and Spanish in the HMH Fresh Lit collection, included in the digital text library of Into Literature
  • Math 180 provides an English/Spanish bilingual glossary.
  • Waggle offers a complete suite of Spanish lessons, providing transadapted learning.
Into Literature Spanish

Improving Student Engagement

  • Amira’s avatar has undergone a refresh, giving students even more reasons to love working with her.
  • HMH Social Studies now enriches students’ learning experiences with new Virtual Field Trips.
  • Hot Topics is another new addition to U.S. History digital experience on Ed, where students can delve into current events.
  • Into Literature now features HMH Fresh Lit—engaging short stories from emerging and established YA authors with diverse voices and perspectives.
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Teacher Confidence in 30 Days

  • Teacher Success Pathways: New personalized learning experiences for teachers guide them through using their HMH materials, planning for their first two weeks, and using multiple HMH programs in the same classroom.
  • Teacher’s Corner: Visit Teacher’s Corner on Ed, where updated resources in Teacher’s Corner include model lessons, interactivities, live events, and much more!
  • Teacher’s Corner from HMH Facebook Group: Join our growing community of 19,500+ members to share classroom successes and problem-solve as a group.
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To find out more about a specific curriculum or program solution, visit our Classroom Solutions page. You'll learn about our best-in-class instruction, along with reliable assessment, relevant practice, and a growing library of on-demand educational resources.

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