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Building the strong reading foundation every student deserves can be a struggle. Saxon Phonics and Spelling was created to support you in rising to the challenge. Born out of a mother’s personal mission to help her dyslexic son learn to read, Saxon Phonics and Spelling was developed to provide targeted foundational skill instruction using interactive, multisensory approaches to keep students engaged, excited, and advancing.

Saxon’s approach to teaching phonics and spelling concepts is based on foundational research in science of reading and cognitive science, and the program has been found to be consistently effective for children of varying ability levels and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Accelerate Student Growth

A PRES Associates, Inc. Randomized Control Trial shows that Saxon Phonics and Spelling students outperformed students using other programs in the areas of spelling, reading, and phonics.

Ensure Teacher Confidence

Teachers reported feeling increasingly knowledgeable about—and prepared to teach—reading, spelling, and writing to students of varying proficiency levels.

Enhance Flexibility

Designed to save time and facilitate flexibility, the Saxon Phonics and Spelling program can be used as a standalone or in conjunction with other reading programs to fill in the gaps.

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Instruct. Practice. Assess.

Saxon Phonics and Spelling combines systematic, explicit instruction with daily practice opportunities and ongoing assessment to ensure prior knowledge sticks and new knowledge accumulates.

Student Experience

Saxon Phonics and Spelling engages the whole student by offering a comprehensive, multisensory approach to mastering critical foundational skills.

Comprehensive support for continued growth

Continual, incremental review throughout the year ensures long-term success.

Daily practice and review deepens understanding and strengthens students’ ability to apply concepts consistently.

Explicit instruction in critical foundational skills such as high-frequency words, phonics and phonemic awareness, spelling, and more combine with interactive classroom materials to create an environment where students want to learn.

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Multisensory practice & dyslexia support

Saxon Phonics and Spelling provides instruction for all learning modalities that aligns with the Orton-Gillingham approach for differentiated instruction, including Special Education and Dyslexia.

By addressing these needs through games and using various support tools throughout the lessons, we have the greatest chance of success for all students.

Teacher Experience

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Professional support when and how you need It

From Getting Started courses to online coaching videos, on-demand professional support helps you discover new strategies and techniques for teaching.

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Science of Reading-aligned Digital and Print Instruction

Phonics and Spelling instruction just got a boost, with Amira Learning + Saxon Phonics and Spelling.

Amira Learning supports Saxon Phonics and Spelling's explicit, systematic instruction via AI-powered assessment and tutoring.

Only Amira Learning + Saxon Phonics and Spelling Provide:

  • Proven efficacy via ESSA-strong evidence bases
  • Student-specific content recommendations that span print and digital
  • Lesson scripting and AI-tutoring that supports new and returning teachers

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Research & Results

Consistently effective to help students become independent readers faster

Saxon Phonics and Spelling was built to explicitly teach phonemic awareness, phonics, and fluency in a way that is supported by scientific research and has been proven effective by years of classroom success.

ESSA Evidence Criteria for Saxon Phonics & Spelling
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"We saw one-and-a-half years of growth in the first year. Their reading soared!"

Jennifer Scanlon Grade 1 Teacher, The School District of Philadelphia
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Our Author

Inspired by one mother’s personal mission.

Like so many parents, teachers, and administrators, Lorna Simmons was desperate for a new way to teach key reading skills. Determined to help her eight-year-old son successfully manage dyslexia and learn to read, she took matters into her own hands and created Saxon Phonics and Spelling. As she realized the success she was having with advancing her own son’s reading, she decided to introduce the Saxon® approach to classrooms across the country. Since then, thousands of school districts have experienced the Saxon transformation.

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Lorna Simmons Author, Saxon Phonics and Spelling

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