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3 Kindergarten Math Games and Activities for the Classroom

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Kindergarten Math Games And Activities

Kindergarten is an ideal time for your students to start learning about numbers, counting, and basic addition and subtraction. Number concepts should be interwoven to foster deep, innate understanding of how mathematics is found everywhere in their world.

These fun math games for kindergarten from Math Expressions, Math in Focus, and Into Math—with printables available for download—can help lay the foundation for the math that your students will tackle in years to come!

Math Activities for Kindergarten

Activity #1: Number Picture (Color Game)

Activity available for download.

This numbers activity for kindergarten is designed for two players. Students must decide who goes first, and they will then take turns tossing the number cube and coloring a figure in the picture that matches the number on the cube. Ultimately, if a number is rolled and all matching figures are colored, the player misses a turn. Continue until all figures in the picture are colored.

Activity #2: Tap (Compare Numbers to 10 Game)

Activity available for download.

This kindergarten math game for two players focuses on comparing numbers and requires you, as the teacher, to first download and cut out two sets of 10 cards (available for download as a PDF above). Each player puts his or her cards face down in a pile and then draws a card from the stack, turns it over, and places it in the center of the table. The students should compare the two numbers showing and tap the card with the greater number as quickly as possible. Whoever taps the correct card first keeps both cards. Keep playing until all the cards are gone, and the player with the most cards wins!

Activity #3: Sweet and Sour Path (Counting Game)

Activity available for download.

This math activity for kindergarten teaches students basic addition and subtraction. Students should play in groups of two and decide who goes first. They should place game markers on START and take turns tossing the number cube (included in the downloadable PDF). Then, they should move their marker that number of spaces. If they land on a lemon, they should read the number and move back that many spaces. If they land on a strawberry, they should read the number and move forward that many spaces. The first player to reach END wins.


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