Introducing the Teachers of Beastie Hall: Last Stop, Professor Readwell’s Success Classroom

Introducing The Teachers Of Beastie Hall Last Stop Professor Readwells Success Classroom Thumb

In Professor Readwell’s Success Classroom, children do just that—read well. Reading becomes their reward for completing a series or topic, and in this classroom they celebrate their success with exciting and engaging eBooks for independent reading (leveled for Grades K–2, with read-aloud options for the beginning of Kindergarten).

While children have practiced and mastered foundational reading skills in the other Beastie Hall classrooms, the Success Classroom is where they put it all together and demonstrate their reading mastery.

In the Success Classroom, children will:

  • transfer and apply newly acquired skills within the context of real reading
  • build and apply knowledge in content-area topics
  • read for meaning

Each Success eBook is accompanied by vocabulary and comprehension activities to ensure children understand what they read. Resources include prompts for identifying details, retelling stories, comparing and contrasting, sequencing events, and more.

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