HMH Customer Spotlight: Minot Public Schools, ND

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With the end of the school year upon us, I thought now would be a good moment to cast a spotlight on the most important factor when it comes to our students’ educations: teachers.

Teachers are fundamental to the learning process and today, I would like to highlight one particular teacher, Nancy Fjeld of Jim Hill Middle School in Minot, North Dakota. Mrs. Fjeld retired just a few weeks ago after 35 years in the classroom, during which time she left a great mark not just on her school, but on her entire school district. Nine years ago, she was instrumental in implementing a dual digital/print reading intervention program, READ 180, to help struggling students improve their literacy.

Now, as she retires, students in the program are consistently achieving two years’ reading growth in a single school year and the number of students in need of reading intervention has dropped 50%. Watch her story here:

Nancy Fjeld

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