Blended Learning Guru Weston Kieschnick Is Hitting the Road—Invite Him to Your Teachers’ Lounge!

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He’s a former teacher who’s full of old-school wisdom. And he’s an expert in applying that wisdom using technology to create blended learning that works. After 12 years in the classroom, Weston Kieschnick began traveling the world to support teachers—he’s worked with educators in all 50 states and in 30 countries, to be exact.

Now, he is launching a new Facebook Live series, The Teachers’ Lounge, in which he’ll visit districts around the country and broadcast conversations with teachers (see his schedule below).

In addition to answering his hosts’ questions, Weston will be sharing his passion for education, wisdom about combining best teaching practices with technology, and knowledge about effective blended learning strategies.

Weston’s Words of Wisdom

Here are just a few inspiring topics you might hear him discuss—either in person or on Facebook Live:

“Education is not broken. I don’t buy into that at all. I have seen the amazing things that teachers do with kids every single day.”

“If we all grew up without technology then how were we able to function in a society that is saturated with it. The answer is simple. We had great teachers.”

“Technology is awesome. Teachers are better. The world's greatest teachers no longer simply identify as either old school or new school. Now they identify themselves is as bold school teachers. Because the world's most innovative teachers understand that blended learning has to be an integral part of what we do. But at the same time they do not abandon their old school wisdom and the things that have always worked with kids.”

Five Steps to Bold School Instruction

In his work with schools, Weston shares five key steps to achieving effective blended learning:

Step 1. Determine the outcome: What is the high-priority standard that you want to address? What are the skills you want to cultivate?

Step 2. Select a high effect size instructional strategy to help you meet the outcome.

Step 3. Select your tools: This is when the technology discussion starts—what digital tools can elevate your strategies to make them more efficient and effective to meet your priority learning outcomes?

Step 4: Plan: Because what gets planned gets done.

Step 5: Frame your instruction with rigor and relevance. To be effective and prepare students for college and careers, it’s important to create student-centered, real-world learning experiences.

When Old School Wisdom Meets Best Practices with New Tools

In his recently published book, Bold School: Old School Wisdom + New School Technologies = Blended Learning That Works, Weston elaborates on these steps in a clear and practical way. He has identified 11 frequently used, highest effect size instructional strategies, which he pairs with digital tools to demonstrate best practices for implementation. He then takes it a step further, sharing the stories of teachers he has coached in his travels as they develop these new practices in their classrooms.

“Bold school teachers know that combining old school wisdom and best practice with new school tools is the best way for us to cross the bridge and bridge the divide between having technology and using technology in a way that supports our outcomes.”
Weston Kieschnick

Want Weston to Crash Your Teachers’ Lounge?

He’ll be traveling in these cities throughout the school year.



San Diego, CA

October 16

Dallas, TX

November 3–5

Concord, CA

December 5–6

Harrisburg, PA

January 30–31

Email us at to request a visit to your school and be part of Weston’s Teachers’ Lounge series. And if he’s not visiting your city, be sure to tune in on Facebook Live.

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Join Weston Kieschnick and other ICLE thought leaders at the 2017 Leadership Academy in Dallas, TX on November 3–5, where we will delve into key instructional leadership practices for creating a strong culture of rigorous learning.

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