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All about the HMH Advocacy Program

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Noelle Morris, the Senior Director of Community Engagement at HMH, and Jami Walden, a first-grade teacher from Georgia, have enjoyed getting to know each other through classroom filming with the Teacher’s Corner team.

The teaching profession and teachers everywhere need advocates. HMH has a staff made up of instructional coaches and former teachers—and with the needs of teachers always top of mind—we’ve done a lot over the past several years to create an experience on Ed that includes content and professional learning resources for teachers by teachers.

To that end, Noelle Morris, the Senior Director of Community Engagement, and the professional learning team have developed many avenues to lift up teacher voices: through teacher-created resources and events on the Ed platform and in our Teacher’s Corner Facebook Group. Also, we celebrate teachers and education leaders on the Shaped blog, where they are frequently invited to be guest bloggers, and on the Teachers in America podcast, which features a new teacher guest every episode.

In the HMH Teacher’s Corner Facebook Group, we have built a network for teachers to share their experiences and elevate their learnings and successes. We hope you’ll follow us there!

Today, we are happy to invite teachers who use an HMH program to discover more about our Advocacy Program—especially if you like sharing your expertise and knowledge of instructional best practices both in and out of Ed to help other teachers nationwide. Read the articles below to learn more.

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Hear from Our HMH Ambassadors and Contributors

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