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Meet Our Current HMH Ambassadors and Contributors

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HMH Teacher Ambassador, Renae Kuhn

The work that teachers do is what motivates us at HMH. That’s why we are excited to introduce these exceptional teachers who make up our HMH Advocacy Program. Both HMH Ambassadors and Contributors act as education leaders in their own community and Teacher’s Corner.

Teachers across the country and of all grade levels make up our program. They are available to help other educators navigate HMH programs by interacting through the Ed platform and on the HMH Teacher’s Corner Facebook Group. We encourage you to reach out and say hello!

Meet the HMH Ambassadors

HMH Ambassadors are teachers that have two plus years of proven success implementing HMH programs and high-yielding instructional routines. Ambassadors not only participate as a Contributor, but they also spread the word in and out of the HMH Community and Ed Platform.

  • WF1717250 Abbey Behnke

    Abbey Behnke

    Fourth-Grade Teacher


  • Autumn Dvorak

    Autumn Dvorak

    Third-Grade Teacher


  • Kayla Dyer

    Kayla Dyer

    Fourth-Grade Teacher

    Rhode Island

  • Caseen Gaines

    Caseen Gaines

    High School ELA Teacher

    New Jersey

  • La Quisha Hall

    LaQuisha Hall

    High School ELA Teacher


  • Edme Hernandez

    Edme Hernandez

    First-Grade Teacher


  • Toney Jackson

    Toney Jackson

    Fourth-Grade Teacher

    New Jersey

  • Renae Kuhn

    Renae Kuhn

    First-Grade Teacher


  • Kyle Schwartz

    Kyle Schwartz



  • Jami Walden

    Jami Walden

    First-Grade Teacher


Meet the HMH Contributors

Teacher Contributors support answering questions and interact in both the platform and HMH Community. This group of teachers shares artifacts and lesson plans and facilitates Teacher Success Pathway sessions during peak seasons.

  • WF1717250 Courtney Bersaw

    Courtney Bershaw

    Fourth-Grade Teacher

    New York

  • Kelsi Finley

    Kelsi Finley

    Instructional Facilitator


  • Samuel Gonzalez

    ​Samuel González

    Reading Specialist


  • WF1717250 Stacey Kelly

    Stacey Kelly

    Fifth-Grade Teacher


  • WF1717250 Megan Laz

    Megan Laz

    Fourth-Grade Teacher

    New York

  • Teresa Meredith

    Teresa Meredith

    Fourth-Grade Teacher


  • Stephanie Ott

    Stephanie Ott

    Kindergarten Teacher


  • Amber Reyes

    Amber Reyes

    ELA-E Second-Grade Teacher


  • Beckah Sipes

    Beckah Sipes

    Fifth-Grade Teacher


Community Expert

A Community Expert is any member of the Teacher’s Corner Facebook Group that engages in posts, spreads the word about new features on Ed and Live Events, uses provided resources to present at faculty or district meetings, and shares feedback with the Community team.

Interested in joining the HMH Advocacy Program?

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