#10FeaturedTeachers Giveaway: Here Are Your Winners!

Featured Teachers Image

It’s a new year, which means it’s time to make New Year’s resolutions in both your personal and professional lives. To help you bring about change in your classroom in 2019, we decided to wrap up 2018 and welcome this year by announcing the winners of our #10FeaturedTeachers giveaway!

We loved WeAreTeachers’ #10FeaturedTeachers initiative, which originally aimed to give 10 teachers a chance to win a gift card for school supplies. But with teachers facing low salaries and schools across the nation struggling for funding, the HMH team wanted to make an even greater difference in educators’ lives. So we partnered with WeAreTeachers to give back to 100 teachers! It’s our way of saying thank you to those who impact students’ lives every day.

Teachers needed to take photos of themselves or their classrooms, tell us in a few sentences why they needed funding for school supplies, and then share their post on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtags #10FeaturedTeachers and #ShapeTheFuture. Winners—chosen at random—will get a $50 Amazon gift card! 

We’re thrilled to say we received more than 450 submissions! What teachers said they would use the funds for varied widely—from transforming their classroom into more vibrant learning spaces, to helping students prepare for college, to adding books to a classroom library

WeAreTeachers recently announced the winners on their Twitter and Instagram. Here’s a glimpse at five of the winning posts:

And here’s a look at how some teachers felt after hearing that they were named winners:

See a list of all of our winners below. And there are plenty of other ways we’re expressing our gratitude to teachers. Check out more of them on our blog.

Kerith FaySC
Torrie MaasMI
Julie OverpeckNC
Jennifer CochranMO
Ebony FreyAZ
Cristina QuagliaNJ
Jennifer MichaelTN
Ashley RichardsonNC
Stacey ValleyAR
Adrian DouglasGA
Cindy ArmorCT
Kelsey EllensSD
Ella MayaAZ
Melanie MaddoxAL
Robert SchutteIN
Karen GranthamTX
Melissa MorrisNY
Lynn ShonNY
Samantha SgroiNY
Brian HeiseyPA
Kristien HamiltonIN
Jennifer SanchezNJ
Samantha PaulsonIA
Tanya Joy HarrisonAZ
Katherine RobertsMI
Lisa LangleySC
James NevilleOH
Jessica GordonMO
Amy LittleGA
Kamala SchusterCO
Jen SchimpfDE
Kristen BruckPA
Mrs. RussellNY
Jenny SpiteriCA
Daniela McGrathNJ
Madison SuliafuTX
Maria GerardyMI
Joi HughesTX
Erin FlatteryNC
Rachel HansonMT
Kaylee HernandezTX
Miss TemplePA
Lisa B MillerAL
Mrs. LWA
Mr. WagnerCO
Dorothy CioccaNJ
Danielle CrowleyVA
Joy HeathTN
Shelby Lyn GabrielsonTX
Stephanie PapenfusMI
Sarah BustosWI
Amber ShefflerPA
Todd RyanMA
Rasa ConklinWA
Kelleen CoulsonNJ
Kris JenkinsKS
Julie AhernIL
Jennifer Lavender-SchottMI
Christy FlynnLA
Rhonda Sloop HiskeyNC
Jodi CarrOH
Haley ShafferOH
Elisa GoldmanPA
Angie HarbisonTN
Mark DomeierMN
Todd BlochtMI
Gina CrescenzoNJ
Amy SteadmanKS
Salli BauerAL
Imen EdmondGA
Jera ToombsMO
Dena OrfanitopoulosNJ
Crystal GrossWI
Amy BaxterOH
Claire BattleDC
Kathryn VaughnTN
Miranda JohnsonVT
Jody BrunnerMI
Tyler PetriniMD
Kimberlee EnglishOH
Brianna YoungKS
Alana WilsonVA
Mr. KorderNV
Caroline KohlsNC
Erica DrydenKS
Sarah KowalskiMA
Laurie KniselyOH
Rose FreemanOR
Susan BaileyTX
Kendra ArmerOK
Bobbi StricklandGA
Mary CarluRI
Melanie OlsonMN
Elizabeth CummingsVA
Jacqueline FirsterVA
DJ GodinezNC
Julia HillMD
Mrs. WeisOH