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Remote Learning Access

Engage students in virtual writing & feedback

As schools around the country turn to online tools due to closures, we want to help leaders, educators, and families continue to support their students with virtual learning. That’s why we are offering a Virtual Learning Hub and free use of Writable’s digital writing solution for Grades 3–12.

Writable provides access to scaffolded, skill-based practice across genres with over 600 customizable assignments and the ability to create your own. Robust feedback tools support the revision process and make it easier to guide students during periods of virtual instruction. Plus, detailed reports help teachers track progress from anywhere. Writable also helps schools and districts tie assignments to Google Classroom or LMS and monitor growth across grade-level or district-wide teams.

Access at a Glance

HMH and Writable are committed to supporting educators and students in the transition to remote learning. As part of that effort we are offering two options for schools affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. You can choose to access Writable by signing up for an HMH-Managed Pilot or through a Self-Directed Trial. Both are free and grant access through July 1, 2020. This offer requires certain technology and internet access.

With HMH-managed access, districts, schools, and educators benefit from extra support and training. An HMH-managed access includes: an assigned HMH manager to guide educators through the experience, support for rostering, and personalized training.

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Who can request access?

Any educator may utilize Writable's self-directed access. U.S.-based Building and District Level Administrators and Coordinators with a minimum of 60 students can request HMH-managed access.

What technology is needed?

Students and teachers will need access to laptops or tablets and the internet. Mobile phones are not supported.

What training is available?

For teachers, literacy, and instructional technology coaches who are gathering resources to use for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year, we have created a Virtual Learning Hub, complete with free writing assignments for independent or skills practice, webinars, features, & Project Write Together, a nationwide writing & peer review program.

What support is available?

Support is available through online mini-courses, office hours, webinars, Live Chat in the app, How to Articles, and Writable’s YouTube channel.

For HMH-managed access: an HMH manager provides personalized support.

Administrators may request an HMH-Managed Pilot.

All educators may begin a Self-Directed Trial.

Please note: Writable access does not include access to TurnItIn.

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About Writable

Build writing skills for students Grades 3–12

Writable is a digital writing platform that helps teachers in Grades 3–12 scaffold and motivate students to become purposeful, proficient writers. With over 600 essays, short responses, student models, state-level benchmark assessments, and more, Writable saves teachers time and helps them boost writing skills, even while teaching remotely.

Support Teachers

Customizable assignments seamless integrate with any curriculum.

Support Students

At-home work is simple with clear assignments and feedback tools.

Support Families

Parents help students stay on task, but teachers drive student learning.