Remote Learning Access

For administrators only. Please see requirements below.

Boost learning outside the classroom and keep students motivated

During this uncertain time, we know it’s critical that students continue to learn actively, with the support and guidance of their teachers. As part of HMH’s commitment to educators and students nationwide, we are offering temporary use of Waggle's digital, personalized learning solution for Grades 3–8 at no charge. This offer is only for U.S.-based administrators with a minimum of 60 students and the required technology and internet access.

Waggle allows students to engage in adaptive foundational skills practice outside of the classroom—any place with internet access can become a space of learning. Teachers can gauge students’ knowledge and growth with Waggle’s real-time insights. Plus, embedded hints and encouragement foster growth mindset, which is especially important when students and teachers are unable to meet in person.

Access at a Glance

Who can request access?

Building and District Level Administrators and Coordinators with a minimum of 60 students can request access.

What technology is needed?

Students and teachers will need access to laptops or tablets and the internet. Mobile phones are not supported.

Are program training and support available?

Yes – Getting Started videos are available and additional support documents are provided. You will also have access to the HMH Tech Support Team.

Administrators, get access to Waggle for your teachers and students through July 1.