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Great Writers Grow Here

Guide students in Grades 3–12 through the writing process with a research-backed tool for personalized feedback and revision.

Prepare Students for Lifelong Literacy

Writable features a writing-feedback loop that works—helping teachers motivate students in Grades 3–12 to become proficient writers throughdaily practice. The program is built on research proving that better feedback leads to better revisions and assessment success.

Writing Practice Across Disciplines

Over 1,000 customizable prompts, assignments, and rubrics provide scaffolded practice for all skill levels, while AI assignment-building tools save time and unlock creativity. Students demonstrate comprehension of topics they encounter in their literacy, cross-curricular, or multilingual learner classrooms.

Writing Practice Writable WF1607237

Effective Feedback with AI

Make feedback more actionable with AI suggestions delivered to teachers as student writing happens. Target specific areas for improvement with rubric-aligned comments in English or Spanish and save grading time with AI-generated draft scores.

Real Time Writable WF1607237

Protect Authentic Learning Moments

Access the most comprehensive suite of tools available to ensure originality. Writable analyzes student writing behavior to provide teachers with alerts and insights. Turnitin’s suite of originality checking solutions are also available to check for AI-generated writing.


Data That Drives Achievement

Assessment results connect to practice and state and district benchmarks. Teachers and district leaders receive data-driven reporting on student writing growth for entire classes and individual students, allowing educators to quickly scaffold based on skill level.

Data Writable WF1607237

Educators Love Writable—Hear Why

Feedback Moves Students Forward: Educators share why embedded features, such as real-time feedback, make Writable a perfect fit for their classrooms.

Writable Tracks Student Writing Growth While Saving Teachers Time

Student Experience

Continuous Writing Improvement

Quick Writes allow teachers to bring five minutes of writing into everyday instruction for all students. Weekly activities for middle and high school students help develop their writing fluency at the sentence level. Anonymous peer review and RevisionAid on-demand feedback help students improve their revisions.

Writing Writable WF1607237

Support for Multilingual Learners

Writable features embedded tools designed for multilingual learners, such as texts and navigation menus in Spanish, sentence starters, scaffolded prompts, grammar skill lessons, and more to help them produce writing that shines.

Multilingual Writable WF1607237

Accessible from Anywhere

Students can access Writable anywhere with an internet connection through Ed. Video and audio feedback from teachers further supports remote and hybrid learning.

Accessible Writable WF1607237

I love [Writable] because it provides me feedback over time. And I can show it to that student and say, 'look, you are improving at this.'

Cortney Kingery-Ragan

Lead English Teacher, Early College High School, Killeen ISD, TX

Teacher Experience
  • Planning

    Teachers can use Writable’s assignments recommended for students based on proficiency level or create their own, giving them the power to customize every aspect of every lesson to fit their teaching preferences.

    Planning Writable WF1607237
  • Customizable Support

    A menu of digital tools lets teachers customize support and scaffold assignments for students of all skill levels.

    Customizable Writable WF1607237
  • Independent Practice

    Teachers can tailor assignments to help students through the writing process. Writable allows students to show understanding of topics they’re learning, and teachers use insights into student writing proficiency to differentiate practice.

    Independent Writable WF1607237
  • Monitoring

    Students receive point-of-use feedback throughout their writing journey, while teachers can view students’ work, monitor their progress, provide scaffolding, and offer comments in real-time.

    Monitoring Writable WF1607237
  • Assessment

    Assessment connects to Writable practice and state and district benchmarks. Reporting and dashboards enable teachers and school leaders to monitor growth, identify skill gaps, and plan for instruction.

    Assessment Writable WF1607237
Planning Writable WF1607237
Customizable Writable WF1607237
Independent Writable WF1607237
Monitoring Writable WF1607237
Assessment Writable WF1607237

Streamlined Assessments

Tools to Maximize Time

Writable’s templates let teachers effortlessly customize or build any writing assessment—including multiple-choice, short answer, and items based on visual, audio, and video stimuli—to meet the needs of all students.

Tools Writable WF1607237

Teacher Success Pathways

Guided Implementation Support for Educators

Embedded on-demand program training and week-by-week planning guidance build teacher confidence in just 30 days, putting them on a clear pathway to success.

PD Writable WF1607237

The Power of Connected Teaching and Learning

Maximize teacher effectiveness and boost student success. Pair Writable with HMH core and multilingual learner programs to deliver comprehensive writing support.

  • HMH Into Reading (Grades K–6)

    Starting in Grade 3, HMH Into Reading's world-class texts act as mentor texts in Writable, while students are guided through each step of the Writing Workshop.

    Into Reading Writable WF1607237
  • HMH Into Literature (Grades 6–12)

    Writable extends HMH Into Literature writing practice with three types of assignments, granting teachers flexibility and scaffolding support.

    Into Lit Writable WF1607237
  • English 3D (Grades 4–12)

    Writable fully aligns with Dr. Kate Kinsella's English 3D Courses A, B, C, and Language Launch, delivering writing support for multilingual learners.

    3 D Writable WF1607237
  • HMH Social Studies (Grades 6–8)

    HMH Social Studies, World Civilizations, World Geography, and United States History provide writing experiences that develop an understanding of history’s impact on today.

    Social Studies6 8 Writable WF1607237
  • HMH Social Studies (Grades 9–12)

    HMH Social Studies World History and American History integrate engaging visuals and interactive technology as students foster inquiry through the writing process.

    Social Studies9 12 Writable WF1607237
Into Reading Writable WF1607237
Into Lit Writable WF1607237
3 D Writable WF1607237
Social Studies6 8 Writable WF1607237
Social Studies9 12 Writable WF1607237

Proven Approach to Writing Gains

Case Studies & Research

Writable: Research Evidence Base

Explore the research behind Writable’s instructional design and see how the program uses evidence-based best practices to drive growth in student writing.

Research Paper Writable WF1607237

Awards & Accolades


2024 SIIA CODiE Winner

Best AI Implementation in Ed Tech

Best Reading/Writing/Literature Instructional Solution for Grades 9–12

Codie 2023 Winner Awards 1x1

2023 SIIA CODiE Winner

Best Reading/Writing/Literature Instructional Solution for Grades 9–12

Ed Tech Writable WF1607237

2021 EdTech Breakthrough Awards Winner

Online Education Solution of the Year

Grow great writers with Writable

Insights & Resources

Stay updated on Writable with our latest articles and podcasts.

Feedback Moves Students Forward

Educators share why embedded features, such as real-time feedback, make Writable a perfect fit for their classrooms.

Grow great writers with Writable

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Three Strategies for Driving Writing Proficiency

Adapted from the white paper Achieving Writing ProficiencyThe Research on Practice, Feedback, & Revision by Troy Hicks, PhD, Professor of English & Education, Central Michigan University*

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