Watch Learning Take Flight in Your Classroom

Adaptive technology combines with personalized practice experiences to reduce the burden of over-testing, produce meaningful understanding, and make learning fun for every student. 

Ensure Success for All Students

Waggle offers educators a truly unique combination of personalized learning, growth mindset elements, and targeted data insights to reward both academic proficiency and positive learning behaviors. 

Reward the Journey

Waggle empowers students to try, try again until they achieve proficiency. The result? Engaged, confident students who discover that success is possible for them.

Student Experience

Waggle integrates interactive gaming and adaptive learning technology to create a learning environment that motivates even the most reluctant learners to persevere and discover their potential. 

Teacher Experience

Waggle empowers teachers with real-time insights that enable effective differentiation, instant intervention, and truly personalized learning – all from a unified platform. 

"I've never seen any program with student data broken down as well as the Waggle Growth Report. It's incredible to know whether a student is trending up or down."