Engage in a connected teacher-student experience

Waggle goes beyond adaptive learning to truly personalize practice and instruction, providing support for students at all proficiency levels.

Support Social Emotional Learning

Content, reflections, and interactions with others help students develop SEL competencies, with embedded hints and feedback that foster a growth mindset.

Reward proficiency and promote resilience

A unique combination of personalized learning, growth mindset elements, and targeted data insights promote both academic proficiency and positive learning behaviors.

Provide support for all students

Specific tools empower ELs to access challenging language and terms, with idioms, cognates, cultural references, and more called out in text and audio.

Waggle + Growth Measure

New for July 2020! Waggle includes HMH Growth Measure, the adaptive benchmark assessment that confidently measures achievement.

Growth Measure data feeds directly into Waggle, placing students into relevant practice and lessons.

Waggle + Growth Measure are ideal for virtual and blended environments.