Enrich the classroom with tools that foster a love of learning

To build confidence, students need flexible, individualized study. Journeys features complex anchor texts that challenge students, smart lesson plans that let teachers target the needs of all students, and assessments and digital tools that help track classroom progress.

Student Experience

With the right combination of demanding materials and individualized instruction, Journeys offers students the types of challenges needed to mold them into stronger readers. It’s a recipe for the continued growth they’ll need to excel at today’s rigorous assessments, college, and beyond.

Teacher Experience

Students’ confidence grows when the challenges they face are the right size. Teachers should be given the tools to find the right fit. Journeys is designed to be that tool. 


Journeys scope and sequences are plans teachers can trust. They provide a pedagogical sequence that’s developmentally appropriate and research-based. That way, as students embark on their literacy journey, a path is being charted for the skills and knowledge they’ll need down the road.

Cultivate a vivid vocabulary

Vocabulary readers, flashcards and in-the-moment digital tools fill classrooms with ways to build vocabulary along every step of the journey

Informational texts let students gain mastery over core academic vocabulary as well as domain-specific knowledge and words

Grasp spelling and grammar

Weekly grammar skill targets, supplemented with daily lessons, support students’ understanding of how English works 

A spelling scope and sequence designed by Shane Templeton builds students’ spelling skills

Demonstrate research and writing skills

Deep-dives into text analysis give students the foundation they need to interpret texts from multiple angles and form insights

Student books and digital tools prompt students to mark up and annotate texts, allowing understanding to blossom into written form 

Sharpen listening and speaking skills

Team projects and class conversations guide students to develop critical listening skills and mastery of group communication

Presentations and collaborative work put students in a position to develop social awareness and speaking skills


HMH Professional Services helps teachers and administrators prepare to transition to a new program. As you implement Journeys, our team can partner with yours to make sure you start off on the right foot.

Professional Learning
Professional Learning

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