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Journeys Intro2

Learning to read is an excursion into the unknown. It's about meeting challenges head-on and gaining confidence with each victory. Preparing students for this voyage requires a program that lets teachers introduce the right discoveries at the right time. When things begin to line up, you can see confidence start to shine in students' eyes. Journeys is a comprehensive K-6 English language arts program. It provides an instructional system for reading both literature and informational texts, for acquiring foundational reading skills, and for developing mastery of speaking, listening and writing.

Meets new ESSA evidence standards
Promotes deep analysis of authentic texts
Reaches 6.7 million students nationwide

A map for students on the path to literacy

Journeys is built on a deep foundation of scientific research but treats students as young people who need to be encouraged—and to have fun. The result? An engaging learning experience that fits.

Sculpt lesson plans from scaffolded instruction and immerse students in small group sessions that fit like a glove.

Provide opportunities for thoughtful analysis and problem solving using texts that can be read and re-read for multiple purposes.

Prepare students for today’s rigorous standards—and the demands of next-generation assessments—with an approach to instruction that’s based on pioneering academic research.

See what Journeys has in store for your classroom.

Journeys Overview


Enrich the classroom with tools that foster a love of learning

To build confidence, students need flexible, individualized study. Journeys features complex anchor texts that challenge students, smart lesson plans that let teachers target the needs of all students, and assessments and digital tools that help track classroom progress.

Student Experience

With the right combination of demanding materials and individualized instruction, Journeys offers students the types of challenges needed to mold them into stronger readers. It’s a recipe for the continued growth they’ll need to excel at today’s rigorous assessments, college, and beyond.

Teacher Experience

Students’ confidence grows when the challenges they face are the right size. Teachers should be given the tools to find the right fit. Journeys is designed to be that tool. 


Journeys scope and sequences are plans teachers can trust. They provide a pedagogical sequence that’s developmentally appropriate and research-based. That way, as students embark on their literacy journey, a path is being charted for the skills and knowledge they’ll need down the road.

Cultivate a vivid vocabulary

Vocabulary readers, flashcards and in-the-moment digital tools fill classrooms with ways to build vocabulary along every step of the journey

Informational texts let students gain mastery over core academic vocabulary as well as domain-specific knowledge and words

Grasp spelling and grammar

Weekly grammar skill targets, supplemented with daily lessons, support students’ understanding of how English works 

A spelling scope and sequence designed by Shane Templeton builds students’ spelling skills

Demonstrate research and writing skills

Deep-dives into text analysis give students the foundation they need to interpret texts from multiple angles and form insights

Student books and digital tools prompt students to mark up and annotate texts, allowing understanding to blossom into written form 

Sharpen listening and speaking skills

Team projects and class conversations guide students to develop critical listening skills and mastery of group communication

Presentations and collaborative work put students in a position to develop social awareness and speaking skills


HMH Professional Services helps teachers and administrators prepare to transition to a new program. As you implement Journeys, our team can partner with yours to make sure you start off on the right foot.

Experience Journeys in action.

Research Results R

Research & Results

Designed using the science of literacy development

Using the latest research on what makes literacy instruction effective, Journeys was designed to be a system that reliably turns students into confident readers and writers. An impressive collection of scientific studies shows how well it works.


Journeys outfits aspiring readers and writers with the skills they need to scale the challenges of today’s rigorous assessment demands. Explore the research that shows just how high those students can climb.


With a "strong evidence" rating from, Journeys has been proven to simply work. And when students’ futures are at stake, results are what matter.

Authors Advisors L


Designed by an esteemed team of thought leaders

To build Journeys, HMH® worked with the brightest minds in literacy. Assembling a team of authors and consultants across every key area in the field of literacy, we put together an English language arts program that anticipates teaching needs and equips students to succeed.

Dr. MaryEllen Vogt
Distinguished Professor Emerita, Education, California State University, Long Beach; Journeys Program Consultant
Dr. Martha C. Hougen
National consultant, presenter, researcher, and author
Carol Jago
HMH Author and Associate Director, California Reading & Literature Project at UCLA
Erik Palmer
Program Consultant, Into Reading and Into Literature
Dr. Shane Templeton
Foundation Professor Emeritus, Literacy Studies, University of Nevada, Reno; Into Reading Program Author
Dr. Sheila W. Valencia
Professor, Language, Literacy, and Culture, University of Washington; Journeys Program Consultant
Irene Fountas
Director, Literacy Collaborative, Lesley University; Language Arts consultant; Journeys Special Consultant
News Events R

News & Events

Dive into the world of literacy

The program authors behind Journeys want to continue the conversation about literacy instruction. Read what they’ve been thinking and stay up to date with the latest news and scholarship.

See what Journeys has in store for your classroom.

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