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Inspire a Love for Literature

Creating passionate, critical readers in Grades 6–12 begins with literature that relates to their lives.

Authentic Literature for Today’s Classrooms

With diverse, culturally relevant texts that connect with students' lives, our HMH Into Literature curriculum builds confidence, standards mastery, and college and career readiness for every learner in the classroom.

  • Fresh Lit Into Lit WF1577009

    Exclusive Texts by Diverse Authors

    HMH Fresh Lit is a new collection of culturally relevant YA short stories written exclusively for HMH. These engaging stories, focused on topics young readers care about, are available in English and Spanish.

  • Writable Into Lit WF1577009

    Easily Connect Reading and Writing

    HMH Into Literature comes equipped with Writable, a powerful online tool that offers opportunities for daily practice, peer review, and timely writing feedback.

  • Embedded Close Reading Into Lit WF1577009

    Embedded Close-Reading Routines

    Teachers will love how our Notice & Note signposts for close reading are embedded in each selection to encourage students’ critical thinking and real-life application of the texts.

  • Meet the Authors of Fresh Lit

    The authors of Fresh Lit share what they love about young readers, their best tips for being a great writer, and the inspiration behind their stories.

All the Tools Students and Teachers Need to Bring Literature to Life

  • Text Sketch Into Lit WF1577009

    Scaffolding for Multilingual Learners

    The program provides in-text assistance for multilingual learners in each lesson, including extra vocabulary, cultural context points, writing stems, grammar practice, and peer-coaching videos.

  • Revelevant Text Into Lit WF1577009

    Culturally Relevant Texts

    All students, regardless of their backgrounds or abilities, will see themselves reflected in our texts.

  • Agency Choice Into Lit WF157009

    Agency and Choice

    Students can choose how they want to extend their learning independently with Reader's Choice opportunities and the lesson resource links available in the Student Edition.

HMH Into Literature has newer pieces that competitors don't have. [This is] really critical to us as an ethnically diverse district. YA literature has exploded in readability and interest, and with authors that are so much more diverse, Into Literature has the most appeal for our kids.

Charmion Mohning

Secondary Reading Coordinator, Cypress Fairbanks ISD, TX

  • Thrill Horror Into Lit WF1577009


    Customizable Lesson Plans

    Each lesson comes with a downloadable lesson plan for easy customization. Plus, unit planning guides provide dozens of differentiated activities, small-group assignments, and project ideas that allow teachers to tailor the unit to their students' unique needs.

  • Data Analytics Into Lit WF1577009


    Differentiate with Ease

    Intuitive assessment and data analysis tools make it easy for teachers to identify learning gaps, differentiate instruction, and track student growth.

  • Multi Language Into Lit WF1577009


    Resources in Multiple Languages

    Teacher and student supports include selection summaries in Spanish, English, Haitian Creole, and Brazilian Portuguese, plus multilingual glossaries of literary and informational terms in 10 languages.

  • Teacher Success Into Lit WF1577009


    Guided Implementation Support for Educators

    The Into Literature program includes continuous implementation support, with learning pathways that are personalized for each teacher, ensuring success within the first 30 days of instruction. Plus, on-demand resources are available all year long in Teacher's Corner.

The Resources Teachers Want

Teachers have shared with us how HMH Into Literature could better support their instruction, and we listened. Here’s how teacher feedback has improved the program.

  • Grammar Quick Fix Into Lit WF1577009

    Grammar Quick Fix Lessons

    These lessons, based on the errors teachers see most often in student writing, make for perfect bell-ringer activities.

  • Improve Standards Into Lit WF1577009

    Improved Standards Alignment

    We now include state-specific standards alignment for lessons in the digital editions.

  • We Grow Into Lit WF1577009

    Diverse YA Literature

    We launched HMH Fresh Lit, a digital library of stories by YA authors on engaging, culturally relevant topics.

The Power of Connected Teaching and Learning

Teachers can assign scaffolded writing assignments, personalized skill practice, and assessments—all in one place on HMH’s learning platform, Ed.

  • Writable Into Lit WF1577009

    Scaffolded Writing Practice

    Writable®, included with HMH Into Literature, gives students the level of writing support that’s exactly right for them. Developed from rigorous foundational research, Writable is the only solution that tracks and improves student writing growth.

  • Waggle Into Lit WF1577009

    Personalized Skill Practice

    Waggle® aligns with HMH Into Literature's scope and sequence to easily reinforce core instruction. The program takes advantage of the latest research on the gamification of learning and provides students the opportunity to work on isolated skills and standards with fun, engaging activities.

  • Growth Measure Into Lit WF1577009

    Benchmark Assessment

    HMH Growth Measure’s valid and reliable benchmark assessments place students into relevant practice based on domain and grade-level readiness, providing teachers with timely insights into proficiency.

  • Ed Reports Into Lit WF1577009

    All-Green Rating from EdReports

  • Codie Into Lit WF1577009

    2022 SIIA CODiE Award

Cultivate critical readers and writers.

Insights and Resources

  • Embracing Inclusivity with Culturally Responsive Books for All Students

    Embracing Inclusivity with Culturally Responsive Books for All Students

    Teachers should read or assign culturally responsive books with characters of different cultures, races, religions, genders, and other identities to help them understand themselves and each other.

    Jaleel R. Howard, MEd
    Educator and UCLA Doctoral Student

  • 8 Effective Fluency Strategies for Reading Intervention

    8 Effective Fluency Strategies for Reading Intervention

    Discover these eight research-based reading fluency intervention strategies you can use in the classroom.

    Dr. Amy Endo
    Education Research Director, Supplemental & Intervention Language & Literacy

  • The Role of Creativity in a Standards-Based Writing Curriculum

    The Role of Creativity in a Standards-Based Writing Curriculum

    There must be a way to prepare students for the rigors of rhetorical analysis without abandoning imaginative expression.

    Carol Jago
    HMH Author and Associate Director, California Reading & Literature Project at UCLA

  • Reading and Writing for Their Lives: An Integrated Approach

    Presented by Carol Jago, Reading and Literature Project, UCLA, and Past President, National Council of Teachers of English

  • Reading Redefined: Giving Students Skills for Reading in the Digital World

Cultivate critical readers and writers.