A Solution Like No Other—Informed by You

Our program was driven by educators! We met with educators across the nation to hear about their unique obstacles and challenges. What we learned informed this next-generation literacy solution—right down to the smallest detail.

This is teaching and learning as you have always envisioned it.

Student Experience

From creating storyboards and podcasts to collaborating with peers in text analysis, HMH Into Literature equips students with the strategies they need to strengthen reading, writing, and communication skills.

Inspire Lifelong Reading

Explore some of the beloved literature that lies at the heart of HMH Into Literature with our interactive online collection. Log in to browse a wide selection of beloved 6-12 titles and enter for a chance to upgrade your library with 10 free books!

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Writable + Into Literature

When you combine Writable® with HMH Into Literature, you can strengthen and streamline your writing lessons. Writable includes mentor texts, prompts, rubrics, and stored comments that reinforce the writing process for students while supporting teachers.

When writing and reading join together, growth happens.
  • Writable's online writing tools meet Into Literature’s world-class literature to ensure students have direct access to high-quality mentor texts during every step of the writing process.
  • Student-friendly rubrics always guide drafting and revision, along with optional anonymous peer reviews and feedback on structure and organization, powered by AI.
  • Customizable, state-specific writing prompts and rubrics prepare students for high stakes assessments.

Discover how Writable can empower your students.


Teacher Experience

Structured yet flexible, HMH Into Literature honors your expertise and gives you the power of choice. From fully customizable lesson plans to point-of-use scaffolding, the program equips you with an intuitive, time-saving design that allows you to focus on what you do best—engage students.

Grow Your Literacy Expertise

In this free eBook, experts provide strategies for sparking genuine curiosity and fostering a lifelong love of literature.

Family Experience

Family Room—a family-friendly part of the Ed learning platform—supports diverse learning environments and makes at-home learning more manageable for families and caregivers by providing equitable, on-demand resources to help support their children.

With Family Room, families and caregivers can:

  • Access their child’s learning via the student’s Ed log in
  • Find simple, helpful, and equitable at-home learning resources in both English and Spanish
  • Explore tips and videos personalized to their child’s learning
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Writable®, for students in Grades 3–12, helps schools organize their writing programs around research-backed instruction and feedback.


Waggle for Grades 2–8 offers supplemental practice and instruction that immerses students in personalized learning and maximizes teachers' time.

System 44 Next Generation

System 44® Next Generation provides intensive foundational decoding intervention for older, struggling students who are two or more years behind.

Read 180 Universal
Read 180® provides intensive intervention to help students in Grades 4–12 who are more than one or two years behind become accomplished readers.
Literacy Solutions

Literacy Solutions provides professional learning and coaching to support implementation of HMH Into Literature.

HMH Into Reading

HMH Into Reading™ supports a complete K-12 continuum when implemented with HMH Into Literature. The pair provides teachers with a complete set of tools for turning all students into strong readers, writers, listeners, and speakers with a lifelong passion for learning.