Authors & Advisors

Expert Educators Who Created a Program That Works

Researchers, practitioners, solution developers, and thought leaders received real teacher feedback, and with this, they developed a comprehensive solution rooted in the expertise and experience of educators everywhere.

Dr. Timothy D. Kanold
International Educator, Author, and Consultant; Mathematics Education
Dr. Matthew R. Larson
Past President, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM); Senior Fellow, Math Solutions
Robert Kaplinsky
Mathematics Educator, Long Beach, CA
Steven J. Leinwand
Principal Research Analyst, American Institutes for Research
Dr. Juli K. Dixon
Professor of Mathematics Education; Elementary, Middle, Secondary, and Post-Secondary Mathematics Education
Dr. Edward B. Burger
Elementary, Middle, Secondary, and Post-Secondary Mathematician
Harold Asturias
Director of Center for Mathematics Excellence and Equity, Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley
Dr. David Dockterman
Lecturer, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Weston Kieschnick
Associate Partner, ICLE

“In the classroom, productive perseverance means that students are given opportunities to wrestle with mathematics.”

Matt Larson

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