Get content-aligned books that provide motivation for reading.

In this era of accountability, basal readers and content-area textbooks help teachers meet the standards—but exclusive use of textbooks can stifle student interest and development of critical thinking skills (Dunn, 2000). By augmenting textbooks with classroom libraries, teachers give students extra incentives to read and may improve content-area learning.

HMH K–5 Social Studies Classroom Libraries

Each grade-level library includes 40 social studies titles in the focus areas of history, civics & government, geography & maps, economics & financial literacy, and culture & community.

Connect Classroom Content to Real-Life Events

Get students thinking
Challenge students to carefully consider historical events, and introduce them to varying perspectives that encourage them to clarify and question their own.

Broaden understanding
Open students’ minds to a range of cultures in the context of well-known holidays, such as Thanksgiving, and time-specific celebrations, such as Native American Heritage Month in November.

HMH K–5 Science Classroom Libraries

Each grade-level library includes science titles in the focus areas of engineering & design, physical science, life science, and earth & space science.

Activate Curiosity and Make Science Fun

Meet specific needs
Collections are grade-specific and include titles across a wide range of guided reading levels, ensuring you have a “just-right” book for every student. 

Provide information, literature, and activities
High-interest informational and literary texts and hands-on activities bring the excitement of science learning to life.      

Easily integrate NGSS
Title-specific lesson plans align to Next Generation Science Standards and are ideal for cross-curricular, small-group instruction with inquiry-based projects.

HMH Independent Reading Libraries

Foster a love of reading and empower students to choose their own books with independent reading libraries! Give students more opportunities to become avid readers and provide easy access to books students can read—and want to read. These libraries also empower teachers and administrators to implement effective in-school independent reading programs.

HMH K–5 Independent Reading Libraries

Complement textbooks
Grade Level Libraries, organized in canvas totes of 50 books within a specified Lexile® range, feature typical reading ranges for each grade level.

Differentiate with ease
Libraries include titles to support above- and below-level readers.

Give students options
Each library features fiction and nonfiction titles; approximately one third of the titles are trade books.

HMH K–5 Spanish Classroom Libraries
Empower Spanish Speakers in Dual Language and Biliteracy Classrooms

Engage bilingual learners
Raise language proficiency with independent reading that engages dual language students.

Deliver accessible content
Foster a lifelong love of reading in every learner with rich, engaging Spanish literature.

Feature a range of options
Provide translations of best-selling books and high-interest cross-curricular leveled readers.

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