Teachers and students love Collections

Collections inspires teachers’ creative instructional choices by providing a plethora of unique resources—fully supported by point-of-use scaffolding—that make teaching exciting.

Collections creates passionate student readers with texts that matter to them, and their engagement with the texts inspires them to become critical readers, writers, and thinkers.

Student Experience

Beginning with reading that draws students in and makes them want to respond, Collections goes on to teach students the skills required to craft those responses—orally and in writing.

Teacher Experience

Collections gives teachers a clear teaching path but doesn’t dictate how they teach. It gives teachers multiple ways to work with texts and point-of-use support for fine-tuning them to use with different kinds of students and situations.


Work with a whole class to puzzle out answers to a Close Read and Raised Hand questions.


Tackle challenging Worksheet questions and Performance tasks collaboratively in pairs or small groups.


Encourage individual students to read more and dig deeper using Guided Reading questions and Level Up tutorials.

“The close reading questions alongside the text in my teacher edition are lifesavers.”

Grade 10 teacher Barstow Unified School District, CA
Flexible materials let you customize your lessons.

Teachers have the the option to choose from teacher resources or select personal favorites.

Full support makes instruction adaptable to a variety of proficiency levels, including English learners.

High Interest Texts
Scaffold text analysis with the leveled high-interest texts in Xplor eMagazine for Grades 6-8 to build content knowledge and fluency.

Assessments included in Collections work with teachers to check progress, past and present, while helping to inform, monitor, and prepare.

Writable + Collections

When you combine Writable with Collections, you can strengthen and streamline your writing lessons. Writable includes mentor texts, prompts, rubrics, and stored comments that reinforce the writing process for students while supporting teachers. 

Writable's online writing tools meet Collection's world-class literature allowing students to directly access the best mentor texts available during all steps in the writing process. Student friendly-rubrics always guide drafting and revision, including optional anonymous peer reviews. You will have access to grading filters to streamline how you evaluate your students' work. When writing and reading are joined together, growth happens!

Discover how Writable can help you grow your students into great writers.

Professional learning ensures success with Collections.

Getting Started
To help teachers with implementation, we offer Getting Started courses to walk through how to use the numerous resources and texts.

Follow-Up Courses
Additional courses go deeper into the program pedagogy and instructional practices, as well as help teachers use and interpret data to drive instruction.

In-Classroom Coaching
Our coaches work side by side teachers to model lessons and tailor instruction to classroom needs.

Read and analyze complex texts

With features such as Close Read Screencasts and Text in Focus videos, students will learn the skill that’s the most important predictor of success in college and careers.

Determine evidence

With the ability to annotate text and return to it when making arguments, students will learn how to use evidence to back up their ideas.

Reason critically

As students encounter different viewpoints in Collections’ rich texts and in-class discussions, they will learn to weigh one argument against another.

Communicate effectively

Because Collections requires students to respond, orally and in writing, to what they’re reading and hearing in class, they will continually hone their communication skills.

See what Collections has in store for your classroom.